Steve Wang, Isabella Niu and Qing Li - Wellington

Profile Photo of Steve Wang, Isabella Niu and Qing Li, New Zealand Home Renovation Consultants

Region: Wellington
Home renovation consultant/s: Steve Wang and Isabella Niu
Construction Manager: Qing Li

Steve and Isabella have more than 13 years of experience in the hospitality industry. During this time they established, owned and operated and managed businesses in multiple sites. As a result, they have strong people management skills and in-depth knowledge in employment law and regulations, and health & safety regulations.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration from Victoria University of Wellington, and Isabella holds a Master Degree in Journalism and Communication from Wuhan University, in China, and a Graduate Diploma degree in International Relations from Victoria University of Wellington.

Their excellent customer service skills helps them meet and exceed clients’ renovation needs.

Li comes from both an IT and building background.  Li holds a post graduate degree in IT and an undergraduate degree in Construction. He previously worked as a website engineer, and more recently became a builder.  Li’s success in both industries provides him the strength in knowledge across industries.  More recently, Li has been involved in many building projects, across both new builds and renovations.  

Steve, Isabella and Li take all their experience and expertise in customer service, project management and communication to help their clients achieve their renovations within budget and within a timely manner.

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