Every Refresh build comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring customers feel safe and secure before any work begins.

What does the policy cover?

All defects will be covered for the first 2 years following your build. After this, any major defects will be covered for a further 8 years. This includes any water-tight issues and/or any major structural defects. If any issues arise concerning failure in design, materials or workmanship; you’ll be covered.

What types of homes can be insured?

• Individual homes
• Townhouses, duplexes and multi-unit complexes
• Apartment buildings
• Commercial and mixed-use developments
• Renovation, conversion and re-clad projects

Protecting your investment

Renovations are a major investment which impact the safety and welfare of your family. As a member of Stamford Insurance, Refresh is obligated to meet high design and build targets. Our 10-year warranty ensures long-term coverage, providing you with a stress-free build.

How do I lodge a claim?

Should you discover a defect that has damaged, or will lead to the damage of your property, you can instantly lodge a claim through our insurers. Your claim will be managed by an independent loss adjuster, and Stamford Insurance will provide you with a first response and a swift solution - meaning there’s no need for litigation.

About our insurers 

Refresh’s 10-Year Warranty is brought to you by Stamford Insurance. Stamford Insurance is a Lloyd’s coverholder, meaning they take the local underwriting decisions on behalf of their syndicate in London. Stamford Insurance are members of the Insurance Brokers Association of NZ and are regulated by the Financial Markets Authority. Lloyd’s is a member of the Insurance Council of NZ.

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