With her experience and extreme attention to detail she has been a great asset to our team and you will generally find her supervising our larger more extensive projects. Julie has formed great relationships with our customers and greatly understands what their priorities or what their concerns are. She is completely trustworthy and often is working 6 days a week. Her building sites have an upbeat tempo and are full of positive vibes and energy. Her team is very efficient in their timeframe.

Julie has 2 boys, her eldest Michael who assists her on sites and youngest still in school. Julie’s furchild Hazel, a gorgeous French Bull Mastiff is often seen on site with her sitting quietly observing. Her hobbies include horse riding, hiking, swimming, hunting anything that is outdoors.

On asking Julie what she loves most about her industry she laughs in her reply “having Sunday off” but in all seriousness, she loves the challenge and the fact that no day is the same always something different or new to learn. Julie enjoys working with Refresh Renovations Franklin as she prefers to do the inhouse renovations and new builds as opposed to the smaller jobs.

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