As a North Shore Refresh Renovation Specialist, Peter brings his multi-disciplinary background to your renovation project. Peter's career has been focused on operations and customer service. His dedication to you, as a customer, will relieve you of stress and sleepless nights as he takes care of managing the project and trades people. Peter will ensure the dream of your new life in your own home becomes a reality.

He has been running a successful Refresh Renovations team on the North Shore since 2014. He lives here with wife and business partner Leola, and their children, and together they play an active part in the community. Peter’s background is in operations management and customer service. As a Refresh business owner and project manager he takes care of all your renovation needs, dealing with suppliers and managing tradespeople to ensure your projects stays on track and gets completed on time and within budget.

Peter has established a network of excellent local builders, sub-tradies, plumbers, electricians, landscapers and other tradespeople that work together to create your dream home and ensure a seamless renovation experience. Whether it’s a small kitchen you want to revamp, an en-suite bathroom you’d like to redo, or a whole new level you wish to add to your house – the North Shore crew has what it takes to turn your renovation ideas into reality.

He is a local on the North Shore with his family and is active in the local community. He understands the demands of work and play are a major factor when redesigning your home to be a more functional oasis. There is nothing too big or too small that he can't manage to a professional level.

Peter loves what he does and the results show through his work.

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