Tasi Ah Fook - Administration Assistant

Role: Administration Manager
Region: Auckland Central
Manager: Jim Gleeson

Kiaora, Talofa, Dajia Hao 大家好,

I’m Tasi Ah Fook.   An adventurer at heart, fueled by courage, compassion, empathy and curiosity.   Of Samoan-Chinese decent, I find my way as the youngest aunty of an ever-growing family, born and raised in Aotearoa.

Following my education at St Mary’s College, I will be the first of four siblings to graduate with a bachelor’s degree of business, majoring in marketing and management from The Auckland University of Technology.

I started working my childhood fantasy job as a checkout girl at the age of 15, where over the years I advanced to a supervisor position.  My time there was elongated as my genuine interest in building customer-focused relationships provided me with opportunities to feature in advertising campaigns.   Thus, my interest in marketing and management has become embedded over the growing years.

My fascination with multiculturalism can be observed through the few languages lingering on the tip of my tongue and my introduction above. I believe learning other languages is such a rewarding way of utilising our brains' capacity.

My secret to having the best overseas experiences, is spontaneity, living like a local and grabbing a fresh coconut every moment you can!

I’m passionate about motivation, building communities and helping others through their self-improvement journeys. I definitely believe teamwork, makes the dream work.

In my spare time, you can often find me whipping up something d-lish in the kitchen, catching up with loved ones, running up a mountain, or somewhat off the grid finding new waters to fall for.

In the office, you’ll hear my headphones playing a symphony of Céline, ABBA, Sabrina Claudio and the occasional bohemian rhapsody.

I live by cultivating a balance by the works of Masaaki Imai and the famous phrase from Eat, Pray, Love; Kai zen 改善 – continual improvement and dolce far niente – the sweetness of doing nothing.