Rohit has years of experience dealing with end-to-end project development, which has given him an exceptional ability to turn concepts into reality. During this time, he also worked directly with customers to provide supportive assistance whenever needed.

Bringing these skills to Refresh Renovations, Rohit now works diligently to deliver high-quality renovation results within desired project budgets and timelines. Confidently, you can expect him to take on each project as if it were a renovation of his own home.

A genuine people-person, you’ll find Rohit also has excellent communication skills and is quick to understand how people envision their dream renovations. This ability warmly welcomes his customers to sit back and relax, trusting that their vision will be accurately actualised and they’ll receive updates as needed while Rohit manages the project.

His favourite part of the role? Seeing customers thrilled by their home’s outcome. That’s what makes it all worth it - the satisfaction of a dream coming true.

“I would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your needs and how he can help deliver a great renovation project and looks forward to meeting you soon.”

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