Low water pressure is a reality in New Zealand, either because of old, poorly-maintained infrastructure or the use of instant water heaters. While there are pressure boosting hand showers on the market, it is a challenge to find one with both quality and style at the same time, or even one that is gentle on the skin for an enjoyable shower experience.

Putting customers at the heart of everything it does, and committed to raising the bar of living healthily, responsibly and beautifully, American Standard has since launched the award-winning GENIE pressure booster hand shower to cope with low water pressure. Genie is a truly innovative design with pressure boosting and water saving technology which ensures an indulgent showering experience to consumers with both high-and low-pressure volumes.

The GENIE hand shower features a simple, yet iconic design enhanced by unique functional features for convenient daily usage. These features include Petal Pressure, which through the use of 120 micro spray holes provides a robust water flow even under low pressure. The transparent face of the hand piece also prompts users to clean the interior which can easily be achieved through the universal opening system on the back. For style as well as function, the GENIE hand shower is available in three colours- Aquamarine, Petal Pink, and Steel Grey, offering an option to suit every bathroom.

The Genie design has received multiple awards acknowledging its outstanding design. These include the Good Design Best 100 Award 2018, a design evaluation and commendations system in Japan. The hand shower also received the Red Dot Design Award 2018, one of the most highly sought-after quality marks for good design internationally since 1955. In 2019 GENIE was awarded an IF Design Award, the oldest independent design seal in the world. The IF award represents the design excellence which is demonstrated by GENIE.

Vice President of Design at American Standard and designer of the Genie Hand shower, Antonie Bessevre des Horts, has commented “The product addresses not only the consumer insights of poor showering experience at low pressure but also features aesthetics and materials combination not seen at such price point. With the iconic transparent coloured spray face and universal opening system, the product offers a great balance between emotional and practical benefits.”

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