GROHE Sensia Arena - A new dimension of shower toilet

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GROHE Sensia Arena stands for Intelligent Care. Behind it are visionary ideas from GROHE, the most modern technology available and the unparalleled ability to combine it all. More comfortable, hygienic and soothing than using paper, with the GROHE Sensia Arena you can experience a new standard of personal hygiene.

Good design should be instinctive to use, with form and function marrying perfectly to create objects that make you feel instantly at home. Our design for the new GROHE Sensia® Arena is pure and fuss-free. We’ve designed it with clean lines that leave dirt nowhere to hide, its smooth shape a model of discreet elegance. It includes details that will give you a subtle sense of comfort, from the nightlight that guides you through the bathroom after dark to the automatic open and close feature of the lid, each one carefully thought out to make you feel looked after and secure. For its sleek silhouette to its technologically advanced finish, we believe that with the GROHE Sensia® Arena we’ve set the benchmark for the future of personalized, clean comfort.



Grohe Sensia Features

Grohe Triple Vortex

Unlike other toilets, GROHE’s innovative triple vortex flush system creates a powerful vortex of water that swirls to cover and clean the whole of the bowl. Instead of one or two water outlets, the Triple Vortex system flushes from three outlets – one at the back, one at the side and one at the base of the bowl – creating an incredibly powerful flush that leaves nothing behind.    

Grohe Rimless

Corners and crevices are playgrounds for bacteria, especially under the rim of the toilet bowl. That’s why we’ve created the “rimless” bowl where every surface is easy to reach and effortless to keep clean, even in the parts you can’t see. in tandem with the triple vortex flush it makes this the cleanest toilet ever.

Air Dryer

Enjoy the ultimate warming comfort of an air dryer function, leaving you completely clean and dry.

Odour Absorbtion

Never worry about bathroom odours! two vents keep any smells at bay.

Auto Open and close

The toilet’s sensor detects your presence, automatically opening/closing the lid as you approach/leave


The grohe Sensia® Arena includes a soft nightlight to guide your way at night that comes on when the lid opens automatically.


AquaCeramics is a smooth surface that impurities can’t stick to, meaning impurities or residues cannot attach to the bowl and the powerful triple vortex flush easily cleans with one flush.


Grohe hyperclean, uses naturally anti-bacterial silver ions to inhibit germs and prevent stains and odour. This exceptionally smooth and hardwearing finish is added which prevents 99.9% of bacteria.

Automatic Cleaning of Spray Arm

Before and after each use of the Spalet, the automatic cleaning programme will run so you can have complete confidence that the spray arms and nozzles are clean and safe.

Anti-Bacterial Spray Arm

The spray arm is made from 99.9% anti–bacterial material, certified by the strict standards of the SIAA. So the spray head and arm remain germ-free at all times.    


Exchangeable Spray Head

Keep that safe feeling for years with the option to replace the spray head completely if needed.

Nozzle Guard

The two spray arms are both protected inside the toilet with a 99.9% anti –bacterial nozzle cover, certified by the SIAA.

The Grohe Sensia also performs the following spray functions

Lady Shower

A separate spray arm with different spray angle and a softer and wider spray pattern for cleaning the female intimate area, with adjustable temperature and strength for total comfort and gentle cleansing

Twin Shower

With one spray arm for the rear spray and a separate spray arm for the lady Shower, you can be certain that both areperfectly hygienic and positioned perfectly to suit your needs.

Rear Spray

With one spray arm for the rear spray and a separate spray arm for the lady Shower, you can be certain that both are perfectly hygienic and positioned perfectly to suit your needs.

Oscillating Spray

The spray head moves in a gentle forward and backward motion for an extended cleaning area and extra freshness.

Massage Spray

The massage spray allows you to alternate between soft and strong spray strength – for a soothing pulsating massage effect

Find out more about the Grohe Sensia on the Robertson Bathware website



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