Deciding on a budget (and sticking to it!) is one of the biggest challenges of home renovation. Luckily, Refresh Renovations has a tried-and-tested system for keeping your costs on track. There are no nasty surprises, or worrying about ‘unknowns’. We provide manageable, transparent process to  manage the design and finalise the budget. Our budgeting system works like this:

1.    Initial Consultation - Briefing

The first step in the process is our free, no-obligation discussion. We explain how the Refresh process works, and talk about what you want to achieve and roughly how much you plan to spend. Take a look at our Planning checklist; it will be helpful if you’ve thought about these things before we meet.

2.    Ball park estimate – Concept plans

Based on your briefing and ball park budget we will design concept plans. The concept plans will enable us to give you a more informed estimate of the likely cost range. Based on this, you can decide whether you want to proceed to the next stage of detailed design. Or if you want to go ahead, but need to reduce (or increase) the  budget, we can discuss ways to revise the scope of your renovation. We also provide concept drawings of your renovation, to help you envisage how it will look.

3.    Finalise plans -  Working Drawings

This is where we firm up the  detailed design  and produce Working Drawings. The specifiers (architects, draughtsmen, engineers etc) producing the plans will be able to give more accurate cost estimates but there is still a final quoting stage required before a final budget can be agreed.
This is an important stage where you can still relatively easily make decisions to reduce the scope of your project to fit your budget or adjust your budget now you can see more clearly what the result will be.

4. Finalise budget - Quote

Based on the Working Drawings, our builders and tradespeople work out the cost for them to do the work detailed in the plans. (If your project requires it, we will also get estimates from specialists, such as geotechnical engineers). Once we have assessed all this information, we will present you with a formal Quote. You may accept or decline the quote, or ask us to revise the scope of your project.
Remember, we’re always happy to work with you to revise your budget, and/or change the scope of your project. The great thing about the Refresh process is that costs are carefully worked out, so there are no nasty surprises down the track. It’s also much more cost-effective (and less stressful) to know the final costs before you start to build.

If you would like a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss your renovation project, use the enquiry form to get in touch.   

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