Scott Randell - Sydney Renovation Specialist
Narelle Randell - Sydney Renovation Consultant
Project description
A luxurious exterior transformation.
May 2021
Actual cost
Interesting aspects
Ekodecking, exterior painting, and soft landscaping.
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Fresh paint, new ekodecking, and soft landscaping gave this suburban home a luxurious new look. 

Before and After

The Vision 

Marcia, the homeowner, dreamed of a luxurious but warming entrance to welcome friends and family into her home. Although the existing exterior had character, she knew it was time for a transformation. 

Situated in a neighbourhood abundant with lush trees, this home deserved an exciting upgrade to better suit its surroundings. The orange brick exterior was outdated and fading, and there were major plumbing issues in the driveway.

Determined to transform her home’s exterior with quality results, Marcia enlisted the help of local Renovation Specialists Scott and Narelle Randell. With her vision in mind, they produced wonderful design options with cost-effective solutions to conceptualise the project. 

The concept involved upgrading the driveway, exterior painting, soft landscaping, new fencing, and installing a beautiful ekodeck. Together, these changes would vibrantly revamp the entrance, modernise the entire exterior, and improve functionality.

Project Costing and Timeline

Through strategic planning and utilising Refresh Renovations’ world-renowned process, Scott and Narelle completed the project on time and budget. With the transformation completed, the final cost came in at $123,721.

Constructing the Ekodeck

One of the most standout features of the home is the new leatherwood coloured ekodeck - a fantastic solution that uses 90% reclaimed and recycled decking materials. This unique composition repurposes waste products that would otherwise be destined for landfill.

Used over top of the original tiles, the new ekodecking extends from the front of the house and cascades downwards into a staircase. The sharp edges of the stairs contrast wonderfully against the soft landscaping on either side. Reminiscent of a tropical oasis, it really does create an extravagant welcome to the home. 

What’s more, the beautiful decking is extremely durable - it will indeed be the star of the show for a long time to come. 

An Atmospheric Entrance

Surrounding the staircase on either side is a stone garden, where lush trees spring from the ground, adding colour and atmosphere to the property. While it’s a seemingly simple transformation, this soft landscaping works wonders to transition the vibrance of the luscious surroundings into the home environment.

The house’s exterior was revamped with a generous hug of white paint. This colour contrasts perfectly with the surrounding garden and breathes a contemporary air across the home.

An Entertainer’s Dream 

Elegant black fencing now replaces the old white fencing. Running along the back and front of the house, these instalments have re-established the upstairs balconies as great spaces for entertaining guests.

Final Thoughts 

From drab to fab, Scott and Narelle have transformed the exterior of this home into a luxurious and lush environment. The original house is almost unnoticeable behind the fresh white paint, beautiful ekodecking, and soft landscaping. 

The overall transformation is breathtaking, providing a contemporary look, a welcoming entrance, and revamped spaces for entertaining. 

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