Lia Boersma - Wellington
Project description
Bathroom and toilet renovation
Nov 2020
Project duration
10 weeks
Hidden flooring damage
Interesting aspects
Panelled wall detailing and dados
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Silkworm LTD in Wellington is an independent Franchisee of Refresh Renovations

These Wellington homeowners contacted Refresh Renovations to discuss a modern new bathroom and toilet design.

WORDS Mina Phillips

Wellington Renovation Specialist Lia Boersma met with these homeowners to discuss their renovation goals for their 1920s villa. In the consultation, the homeowners introduced Lia to their bathroom and toilet. Both rooms had cork flooring and were finished with tongue and groove timber wall and ceiling linings.

“The clients’ vision was to modernise the bathroom and toilet areas while keeping within the style of the house”, tells Lia.

Lia and her team worked with the homeowners to develop a design that suited their ideas and budget. They then ordered the project’s supplies and scheduled in and managed a team of trades, who carried out the renovation. 

One of the first steps was to strip back the bathroom. In doing so, Lia’s team discovered rotten joists and flooring and that the floor had dropped. The rotten framing was cut out and replaced, the rotten flooring replaced and the overall floor levelled.

The flooring and walls then received a complete update. Black and white floor tiles were installed in the bathroom and toilet. Wall detailing and dados were crafted and painted blue, with the upper half of the walls painted white. To complete the modern feel, new bathroom ware was installed. 

“The vanity was powder-coated to the same deep blue colour as the walls and, to complete the look, we had a white china vessel installed along with copper tapware”, explains Lia. “The black trims and white linings in the shower matched the black and white octagonal tiling on the floor. The project overall ran to schedule, with some additional variation time built in. The finished look was very elegant and complemented the style of the house. My favourite features were the panelled detailing and dado on the walls - the pendant light just finished off the look.”

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