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Global  Master franchise opportunities

Refresh Renovations has completed over 1,000+ successful renovation projects all over the world. We are rapidly expanding and providing an opportunity for you to gain a foothold in a proven and unique business. We are inviting interested parties to hold introductory meetings with us to discuss the possibility of working together to establish Master Franchises globally. We are currently established in the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. We are looking to also begin establishing in France, Germany and Canada. Refresh will be successful in any country where homeowners are proud of and invest in their homes, and where the renovation industry is fragmented and doesn't deliver a good consumer experience.

If you wish to engage with us to discuss this further, please submit your interest using the enquiry form below.

Globally, the Home Renovation Market is served by a large number of small trade based businesses with little or no structure in their approach in either serving or developing the domestic renovations markets. This is a common market structure and opportunity in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and most other countries. Refresh would also work well in countries such as India, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Singapore. Basically, anywhere...

While the New Home and Commercial sectors have for a long time been dominated by large, business-oriented brands, the renovation market is incredibly fragmented. While some of these renovation firms have grown, and even franchised their businesses, the degree of success has been limited. This is because no large player has yet broken the “trade-based” business model. In effect, this means that any brand that has grown have done so by merely replicating the trade model a number of times. This doesn’t provide any significant scale, marketing or process advantages.

This means there is a gap in the market for new offers, and for new business models which will deliver significantly better customer and business outcomes. Refresh has engineered its business model and systems and processes to create a business platform which will deliver a significant long-term competitive advantage.

Given the scale and fragmented structure of the renovation market, the potential financial benefits of creating a large-scale, business-oriented design and build renovation brand are immense.

If you have any questions regarding the Refresh Renovations Master Franchise opportunity, please submit your interest using the enquiry form above.

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