Kevin White and Richard Lightfoot - Manukau

Profile Photo of Kevin White and Richard Lightfoot, New Zealand Home Renovation Consultants

Region: Manukau
Home renovation consultant/s: Kevin White and Richard Lightfoot


Master Builder offering 10 year guarantee

Kevin and Richard's wealth of experience, skill and knowledge of working with local trades-people combined with their passion and commitment to provide great service for their clients, supports the drive behind delivering great outcomes to all renovation projects.

With many years business experience both having owned and operated national and local organisations they have built a depth of understanding across design, project management and building services. Independently they have built and renovated a number of their own homes and now utilise Refresh Renovations' finely tuned systems, processes and renowned suppliers to deliver excellent results for their clients.

Richard's 10+ years in the building design, consulting and construction industry combined with his desire to create empathy and trust with his clients ensures that he quickly and effectively understands their needs and requirements. He then is able to lead clients through to a dependable and cost effective completion. His attention to a client's needs is the foundation to any successful project outcome.

Kevin's broad business acumen, financial management skills and passion for working directly with clients ensure that they always receive the highest quality designs and results for their investment. His deep understanding of the process from design through to build ensures the success of every client's renovation - from concept through to completion. 

Together, and backed by the combined skills and resources of the Refresh Renovations group, Kevin and Richard's clients receive excellent results that are delivered to budget, within specified time-frames and that will meet your expectations.

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