Steve Wang, Isabella Niu and Qing Li - Wellington

Profile Photo of Steve Wang, Isabella Niu and Qing Li, New Zealand Home Renovation Consultants

Region: Wellington
Home renovation consultant/s: Steve Wang and Isabella Niu
Construction Manager: Qing Li

Steve and Isabella, come from a hospitality background, with more than 13 years of experience in the industry.  

As a result, their strong people management skills and in-depth knowledge in health & safety regulations become a great asset to any of their client’s renovation projects.

Additionally, Isabella and Steve bring their excellent customer service experience to their renovation projects to help meet and exceed their client’s renovation goals in a timely and professional manner.

Li comes from both an IT and Building background. He’s been involved in many building projects, across both new builds and renovations.  As a successful builder, Li supports Steve and Isabella and their clients with his in-depth industry knowledge.

Steve, Isabella and Li take all their experience and expertise in customer service, project management and communication to help their clients achieve their dream renovations.

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