After many years of renovating their own homes in Sydney, Melbourne and Tairua, Mark and Jenny Hemmings have launched a Refresh Renovations franchise (and a Zones Landscaping franchise), covering the Thames Coromandel and Hauraki regions.

Mark prides himself on his ability to help people achieve their goals. With extensive coaching and training experience from his previous corporate roles in Australia and New Zealand, you can be certain he will work right alongside you to help you achieve your renovation goals for your Thames Coromandel or Hauraki property.

Jenny’s training in both her nursing and marketing careers demonstrated the importance of paying utmost attention to detail. And, still today, this is a great strength of Jenny’s. For the Coromandel and Hauraki homeowner, this means nothing gets missed or left to chance. Making sure everyone is committed to the highest level of detail helps to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and with friendly and professional service.

After their last large renovation, Mark and Jenny faced all the issues of a renovation first-hand. From lack of communication around the concept, difficulty in attaining an agreed project timeline and, of course, the eventual budget blow-out.

“When we were looking around for business opportunities we found Refresh Renovations. Further investigation into the Refresh Renovations model made us realise that all the issues we faced in our last renovation need not be faced by anyone else (if only we had this model back then). The Refresh Renovations model is also fully supported by a project management tool that ensures a “no surprises” project. A project that is delivered to an agreed time, to an agreed budget.”

Whether it’s a bach that’s been in the family for generations, a more modern home in need of a little “refresh” or even a much-loved farmhouse, Mark and Jenny can help you with any renovation you have in mind. At Refresh Renovations Coromandel, Mark and Jenny can assist you with both large and small renovations and everything in between. This includes bathroom renovations, kitchen makeovers or even a complete home renovation. Mark and Jenny would be delighted to sit down with you to have a chat about the design, functional and aesthetic possibilities.


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