What does ‘bespoke design and build’ mean?

‘Bespoke design and build’ is a term in the building industry that refers to an integrated design and construction process. It’s a smart way to go, because it helps to ensure your renovation ideas will fit your budget. Many architects create their ideal design without considering the actual cost implications.

How does it work?

  • The first step is an in-depth discussion about what you are wanting to achieve and rough budget expectations. A detailed brief will be developed and agreed with your renovation consultant.
  • The next step is to create a concept plan and indicative costs based on the brief. This is a very valuable stage where you will get a better understanding of the feasibility of what you want compared to the budget you had in mind. At this stage it is easy to scale down the exercise to fit with your budget or increase your budget in line with likely costs. Frequently renovations skip this stage and get caught out too late in the process.
  • Once the concept is agreed, we develop a detailed plan which then allows us to put together an accurate quote. (Without the concept and detailed plan, any quote would be pure guesswork and most probably wrong). This is a common issue for home-owners who engage directly with trade-based builders.
  • We can then start the building process! Refresh has processes and systems designed to deliver you a hassle-free renovation – on time and to the budget agreed.

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