Homefirst 10 Year Builders Guarantee

Your building work independently guaranteed

  • Protect your deposit
  • Complete your build
  • Fix defects
  • Weathertightness for 10 years

As part of Refresh Renovation’s commitment to ensuring our customers’ projects are completed to the highest standards and that their investment is protected, we have partnered with Builtin New Zealand to enable our licensees to provide the Homefirst 10 Year Builders Guarantee for residential renovation, alteration & extension projects.

Refresh Renovations licensees that have become accredited by Builtin New Zealand are able to provide their customers with an independently insured 10 year guarantee. This gives homeowners complete peace of mind when undertaking their project.

What’s covered:

Financial risk

  • Protect your deposit - Up to 20% of the Contract Price, to a maximum of $50,000
  • Complete your build - Up to 20% of the Contract Price, to a maximum of $100,000

Risk of defects

  • Up to 50% of the Contract Price, to a maximum aggregate of $1,000,000
  • Non-structural defects for 2 years
  • Structural defects for 10 years
  • Weathertightness for 10 years

Other benefits

  • An attractive selling point. The guarantee can be transferred to subsequent owners
  • Backed by a licensed insurance company that is regulated by the Reserve Bank
  • Independent claims assessment

Q. How do I know if I will get a Homefirst 10 Year Guarantee from my Refresh licensee?
A. When you sign the contract you will also be asked to sign a separate guarantee application form, which your Refresh licensee will submit to Builtin New Zealand for approval. Once approved you will receive a Certificate of Guarantee. If you do not receive a Certificate of Guarantee before construction starts you should contact your Refresh licensee, as you may not have cover in place.

Q. Who are Builtin New Zealand Limited?
A. Builtin is a specialist provider of insurance, guarantee and warranty services to the New Zealand construction sector. This includes the Homefirst Guarantee, WaterTight Warranty and Commercial Defects Guarantee. Operating exclusively in the building industry for the past 10 years, the company’s principals have more than 70 years experience in commercial insurance practice.

Builtin’s guarantees are underwritten by CBL Insurance Limited, a licensed New Zealand insurer with 40 years experience as this country’s largest and longest-established specialist bonding, financial risk and surety company. CBL have more than one million homes under guarantee worldwide.

For more information visit: www.builtin.co.nz