Victor Taveras - Rodney

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Region: Rodney
Home renovation consultant/s: Victor Taveras


Master Builder offering 10 year guarantee

With a deep background in engineering and added passion to create, Victor built and managed large factories around the world prior to joining Refresh.

Taking on the role as both engineer and general manager, the ability to manage large projects was an essential requirement of the job.  Although becoming general manager meant assuming full responsibility for operations, Victor never lost his love for designing and building new installations.

“The best thing about being the boss was that you could also be the head engineer.  I was constantly improving and redesigning facilities and thinking about what we would build next,” says Victor.

Any construction project, be it designing a multi-storey building or renovating a single family home – relies on the same set of skills. Expertise skills in project management, an attention to detail, and an accounting sense, ensures projects don’t run over budget.

The other key skill is communication.  Whether you are reporting to a board of directors or to a homeowner who wants you to renovate their home, nobody likes surprises!

In his spare time Victor, who is originally from the USA, enjoys playing guitar, reading, and riding motorcycles. Victor also practices martial arts and loves to fly small planes using his private pilot license. With all this under his belt, Victor is well qualified to fly and perform some heart stopping manoeuvres.

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