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Here are six tips for making the right choice for your kitchen sink.

1. Optimum space utilisation for more comfort

There is a Hafele sink solution for any size of sink cabinet. The key is to understand just how much space the waste pipes will consume within your cabinet after the sink is installed. So often the space within a sink cabinet is overlooked or underutilised. Our comprehensive planning and installation drawings allow you to plan with your kitchen designer or manufacturer for the inclusions of pull-out cleaning agents or even a rubbish bin.

Hafele silver stainless steel kitchen sink

2. Ergonomics and functionality make life easier

Make light work of washing up with a Blanco sink. Main and additional bowls are designed to simplify smooth work sequences.

Blanco silver, stainless steel, axial concept kitchen sink with double wash basin

Comfort solutions – such as the Axial concept embrace todays cooking culture, presenting new, intelligent extras which make the concept a dream for preparation.

The pop-up rim for secure positioning of the sliding cutting board or baking tray.

Kitchen centre with pop-up rim

The clever placement of the small bowl eliminating unnecessary movements and supporting efficiency.

The multi-functional colander can be positioned in the main bowl as required for easy separation of food.

The redesigned, sliding glass cutting board.

3. Cleaning made easy

Special materials and strong, user-friendly Blanco surfaces minimise the effort required for cleaning your sink centre; dirt and water find it hard to remain on the surface and signs of use are easily removed. Special products make easy work of cleaning and keep your sink looking beautiful.

User-friendly sink centre with easy clean surfaces

4. Comfort in a system

The perfect interplay between the individual elements is what turns a sink into a functional sink centre. This is achieved with the right mixer taps, waste systems and cabinet accessories. It is the perfect collaboration between mixer tap and sink combined with the utilisation of the Hafele clever storage fittings that turns a sink into a Blanco sink centre.

Multi-functional kitchen sink centre with drawers for under-sink storage

Kitchen sink storage fittings by Hafele

5. Material and colour of your kitchen sink

Whether in tone or with coloured highlights, in the same material or a tasteful mix, Hafele has plenty of material options, such as Blanco stainless steel, strong SilgranitTM composite material or Vilergy and Boch ceramic sinks. Take the time to match the material best suited for your requirements and design.

Kitchen sink finishes

6. The right installation method for any kitchen sink

There is an installation method to suit every kitchen design. Undermount bowl and flushmount installation guarantee a flawless look and uninterrupted work and cleaning surface.

Silver and grey stainless steel kitchen sink

More conventional top mount sinks are simple and inexpensive to fit and can make the sink the feature it can be.

Stainless steel kitchen sink topmount

The Blanco Subline 500IF SteelFrame sink brings a new design into the kitchen through the combination of astainless steel rim and SilgrantTM bowl.

Stainless steel kitchen sink frame body

Blancomodex brings a completely new vision into the kitchen, it’s architectural design and broad ledge makes a statement piece of the sink. A true sink centre when fitted into any kitchen.

Black kitchen sink statement piece

Traditional butler sinks fit perfectly into a more traditional kitchen design. Be sure to purchase reputable brands as the molding process for ceramic sinks can mean vast differences in quality. If not manufactured in Germany to exacting standards and will outlive most kitchen bench surface.

Traditional butler kitchen sink centre

For more information about making your kitchen more efficient, visit the Hafele website.

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