Whether you want to create a solo sanctuary, a couple’s retreat, or an efficient space for a busy family…Refresh Renovations can bring your dream bathroom to life.

Along with the kitchen, bathroom renovations deliver the most ‘bang for your buck’ when it comes time to sell. There’s nothing buyers love more than a sparkling new bathroom space. Because the bathroom is generally a small space, clever design is crucial to make the most of it. That’s one of the main benefits of using Refresh Renovations. Our expert designers will help you create a bathroom that combines style with the ultimate in functionality. What’s more, our design process lets you envisage exactly how it will work. (This helps you get the little things right that make the difference – whether it’s the height of the shower, the way the doors open, or the position of the hand-basin).

As with the kitchen, no-one wants to be living without a bathroom for too long! That’s another benefit of working with Refresh – because we’ll coordinate all the tradespeople for you, to ensure your project runs efficiently to schedule.