As any real estate expert will tell you, first impressions count. A tired exterior significantly lowers the value of a house, even though the interior and location might be very appealing. That’s why many home-owners choose to re-clad or repaint their home to modernise and add value.

There are some other benefits to re-cladding. While the cladding is off, you have the opportunity to address other aspects of a renovation (such as insulation, wiring, plumbing etc.) in a much more cost-effective way. In fact, the savings you make on these upgrades can go a long way towards covering the cost of re-cladding.

Refresh are your expert team who can help you coordinate the whole project; to make it simpler and more cost-effective. It starts with our expert design advice – we can talk through the different options, including which cladding will best suit the style of your house. We then roll out your project smoothly and efficiently; ensuring everything is completed on time and on budget.

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