With a passion for home renovations and projects, partnering with Refresh Renovations was a natural fit. He brought with him a host of key learnings, including the importance of listening to clients’ expectations, providing excellent customer service and optimizing cost-efficiency.

Chris is an experienced business executive with a professional and personal approach.  He understands the importance of delivering best-in-class customer service and making sure that there is good clear communication with clients. 

Throughout his own renovation experiences, Chris was always telling himself “there must be a better way to plan, organize and control these projects” and he’s happy to say that in Refresh Renovations, he has found that way.

Chris understands the commitment and stress that renovation projects can bring, and, with this knowledge, he will bring customers peace of mind by providing continuous communication through every stage of the build. Renovating and/or extending your home is quite literally about making your dream home come true; it can be a very exciting but also very detailed process consisting of many steps; Chris and his team will ensure that each stage takes place in the correct order and within the agreed time constraints.

Chris’ experienced team convey a friendly and professional manner and their primary focus is quality and providing pleasing results for their clients under the well-respected Refresh Renovations banner. Refresh Renovations welcome innovative changes in technology and are up to date with the latest building methods and materials, whilst enjoying the support of an experienced team of industry professionals and dedicated administrative staff.

Chris Kuhr in Portland, Oregon is an independent franchisee of Refresh Renovations. 
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