Build the smarts into your existing home with Nero.

NERO is the affordable, scalable and wireless automation solution from PDL by Schneider Electric that allows you to create a smart home one switch at a time. Your smart phone or tablet becomes the control interface for all your connected devices, seamlessly merging lifestyle and technology into one.

What does NERO offer?

The range offers innovative connected devices, such as dimmers, relays, dry contact, plug packs, security and sensors.

Whether you are just putting your feet up or on holiday, log into the app to monitor and control your home from almost anywhere. NERO has geo-fencing technology. This means you can trigger actions based on your arrival home (within a certain distance) such as opening a front gate, garage door, turn lights on or even get the coffee machine on.

Customise your needs and save.

Nero allows you to pre-set and control lighting and climate, monitor environment and security settings and manage energy consumption. A smart home cleverly operates lighting and electrical devices only when you want them to, so you can reduce power consumption.
For more information visit the Nero website.

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