Beyond Tiles knew that its products are innovative and of high quality! Getting certified by Codemark however just added more excitement for the team and our partners in the industry in bringing you instant waterproof walls that are stylish, durable and high quality.

What does a Codemark Certification mean for you?

Codemark certification means our products are compliant with the Building Code legislated through The Building Act 2004 and the Building Regulations 2008. It gives you assurance that your project will be backed up with products that are of high quality and durability.

If you’re stuck on ideas, we have a variety of product collections to get you inspired with design ideas. Consider our Marcato collection here.  A new look for the bathroom, kitchen or your living area. Our panels are five times faster to install and there is less mess to clean up at the end. It is a fully hygienic system with the waterproofing membrane on top. It enables it to prevent any mildew build up and therefore no toxic bacteria can develop behind it. The grout is maintenance free and will never discolour.

Beyond Tiles have over 700 different combinations with different patterns, different millings, combinations of colour, different rooms that are suitable for different people. There is a right fit for your project.

Our system is easier to install and more environmentally friendly than tiles. Developed and manufactured by Fibo of Norway this is the next generation wall system for demanding rooms.
Fibo has been making waterproof wall panels since 1952, supplying to over 70,000 bathrooms a year, equipping in excess of 1 million bathrooms since the start. This is what makes these wall panels perfect for New Zealand conditions. Regardless of the weather conditions, these wall panels have been engineered and innovated to withstand a mighty lot by wall panel standards let alone that we are now Codemark certified!

Beyond Tiles products come with a 15-year transferable warranty. We have designed these with sustainability, durability and style in mind. Contact Refresh Renovations to discuss tile options for your next renovation.

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