The new ArciTech drawer system from Hettich has a timeless, sleek design that fits harmoniously into any kitchen and home environment.

Hettich ArciTech drawer system opened up to show how it works

With a broad product line-up that embraces matching materials and colour-coordinated components, this drawer system offers a wealth of design combination options making it easy to meet personal preferences and respond to changing design trends. 

A feel of luxury and convenience will become increasingly important in the future. Smooth, quiet running action is a key quality feature in a drawer.

The Actro runner of ArciTech gives you quality you can feel: The runner’s unique prism principle ensures a perfectly co-ordinated movement cycle that hardly makes a sound.

Synchronous control guarantees runner action that’s perfectly smooth and even. That’s noticeable quality nobody would want to be without ever again.

Drawers open with effortless ease and hardly any noticeable resistance.

Perfectly co-ordinated soft closure provides gentle running action for drawers from all loading categories up to 80kg! Never before has quality been as evident as this.

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