Once a Pinex softboard shows signs of sagging, it may be time to be looking at replacing it with GIB plasterboard. Plastering and repainting of Pinex softboard may make it look presentable for a short time but in the long run the issues won’t go away and the result may not be as pleasing as expected. Gib plasterboard is the industry standard for ceilings and will provide a smooth, jointer-less ceiling surface.

Does the Pinex softboard need to be removed?

If the ceiling is still flat and secure, a layer of Gib plasterboard can be installed over the softboard. You will need to remove the cornice trim first. Locate and mark the ceiling framing. Make sure that the fasteners you use are long enough to penetrate the ceiling framing by at least 25mm.

If the softboard is starting to sag it may not be flat enough to provide a satisfactory substrate for the Gib plasterboard. In this case you will need to consider removing the softboard. As this tends to be quite a messy task it would pay to spread out some drop sheets to catch any insulation that may come down with the ceiling.

Once again the cornice trim will need to be removed. Carefully measure and install the Gib plasterboard as described in the Gib Site Guide (available at the trade counter of your building supply merchant). Stopping and painting techniques are also to be found in this guide. As replacing a ceiling requires multiple skills it is generally a task best undertaken by a skilled tradesperson.

For more information on Gib plasterboard visit the Gib website.

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