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Keeping it neutral

The key to decorating a kid’s room is to aim for a space that will grow with your child, rather than a space they’ll grow out of in a year. You don’t want to be constantly updating the décor to reflect ever changing tastes, not to mention the expense.

Try to avoid overly-themed rooms, without taking the fun out of being a kid. Try introducing their favourite characters and themes through less costly accessories, such as cushions, toys and art prints. Websites like Society 6 and Etsy are treasure troves for sourcing funky kids prints.

If you were to swap out a few accessories and bedding – you’d have a completely new look without it costing too much. Thus, making it a room that can change and evolve easily as your child does. The clever overhead shelf gives the room height and keeps unused toys off the floor. If you have young kids, an out-of-reach shelf is perfect for items you don’t want them to touch unsupervised.

Kids are laying in bed and reading book

Fuelling imagination

Interactive walls, such as chalk board walls, provide hours of fun for kids allowing your child to get creative and experiment their skills - on a wall that is supposed to be drawn on. Cork is another fantastic material to work with in kid’s rooms. Clad a feature wall, floor-to-ceiling, to create an uber cool pinboard for your kid’s drawings, photos and memories. Cork particularly looks fab with concrete floors. It adds warmth to a space and has great acoustic qualities.

Simple glazing makes for a great interactive wall. Glass walls are also commonly used as whiteboards in a lot of commercial spaces. Just pop a few whiteboard markers in a tin bucket on an out-of-reach shelf – this means it is safe when you’re not around to supervise and also makes for a natural decorative display.

A bedroom with special design where your kids can draw on the wall

Power of pastel

At first glance this room shouts “girl power” with its fabulous overdose of pastel pink – but what happens when this little princess decides pink is not so cool anymore? That’s what is smart about this room. If you look closely most of the large ticket items such as flooring and furniture are neutral and will stand the test of time.

Wallpaper is quick and easy to completely transform a kid’s room, whether it’s just a feature wall or the whole shebang. You can even design your own custom wallpaper with products like HP WallArt.

Once you’ve got the ‘bare bones’ of the room sorted, take your precious one on a ‘finishing touches’ date, where you go to one or two shops and let them select a few knick-knacks for display. This is a simple and affordable way of making them feel involved while having fun at the same time.

A pink pastel bedroom decoration for girl

Beautiful storage

Multi-use furniture with plenty of storage is key to maintaining a crisp and clean room if you have limited space in your children’s bedroom. Think; a bed with storage underneath; a desk or dresser that can be fitted with a padded changing mat rather than a standard changing table; overhead shelves and ottomans with lids.

Remove the mattress on the top level on a set of bunk beds and utilise it as a play area to ensure all clutter and mess is kept of the floor – but make sure that there is sufficient framing for safety reasons.

If you are unable to afford ready-made furniture with built-in storage, you can always reuse vintage furniture. To get the look – remove the doors of an old freestanding wardrobe, paint it white, add some oiled wooden shelves and top it off with some wire and/or wicker baskets to store knick knacks, toys and books.

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