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It has often been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  It is certainly true that kitchens see a lot of action.  Over a few years, those simple knocks and bumps of everyday living can take the shine off the look of the room.  It is not surprising therefore, to understand how much of a difference a new kitchen mixer can make to the look and feel of the heart of your home.

Kitchen mixers come in an array of options and styles.  You can choose from a traditional shaped mixer with rounded handle, through to modern, angular designs with square, paddle or pin handles.  Other choices include a gooseneck style or even a pull-down style where the nozzle can be “pulled down” and moved around like a hose to not only provide a sensation centre piece to your kitchen, but also a functional cleaning tool.

Although the array of choice can seem overwhelming, it does provide you the means of customising and coordinating the look you want for your kitchen.  Do your homework before you go shopping.  Research online the styles that are on offer and determine the look you are seeking, then you can be more informed when you visit your local plumbing merchant. 

Another important factor of which you need to be aware, is whether your water pressure is mains pressure or low pressure.  The best way of determining this is to look at your hot water cylinder where the label will tell you the pressure system in your home.  If you have a low pressure cylinder, you will need to choose a mixer that is suitable for “all pressures”.  Choosing one that is not suitable will mean that the performance of your mixer will be poor, causing you disappointment.

GWA Bathrooms and Kitchens has a stunning range of kitchen mixers from which to choose. Visit the Caroma or Dorf websites to view their range.  Below is a sneak peek of just some of their most popular offerings.

Steel coloured bal sink mixer

Bal Sink Mixer

Steel coloured caroma track sink mixer, angular design

Caroma Track Sink Mixer

Dark steel, modern dorf arona sink mixer

Dorf Arona Sink Mixer

Dark steel, dorf jovian pull down sink mixer

Dorf Jovian Pull Down Sink Mixer

Boxy, silver dorf jovian sink mixer

Dorf Jovian Sink Mixer

Stainless steel, cylindrical dork kytin upswept sink mixer

Dorf Kytin Upswept Sink MIxer

arp angled, stainless steel dorf epic sink mixer

Dorf Epic Sink MIxer

Dorf kytin gooseneck sink mixer with single lever

Dorf Kytin Gooseneck Sink Mixer with Single (or Double) Lever

Caroma-design for life logo

For more information about the range of Caroma baths, visit the Caroma website.



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