Philips Hue enables users to choose from up to 16 million colours and programmable light scenes from the app on their smart device. Creative opportunities are endless – lights can slowly wake you up with colours of sunrise, sync with music, match the exact hue of a favourite photo or turn off automatically when you leave the house.

Philips has expanded its home-connected lighting ecosystem range, Hue, with the Friends of Hue LivingColours Bloom and Friends of Hue LightStrips. These work seamlessly with Philips Hue (starter kit) to give an even more personalised lighting experience through the Hue app on your smartphone or tablet. The LivingColors Bloom is a compact and portable light source with wireless connectivity, specifically designed to be placed wherever you need it.

The LightStrips are flexible two-metre strips of LED light designed to deliver indirect light, which can be cut to measure and tucked under a sofa or shelf to illuminate an architectural detail, or otherwise dark space.

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