The Kiwi Dream is a 6-episode, one hour TV series that follows the ups-and-downs of a real-life home renovation project. Follow the journey of our home-owner Evie Ashton, as she transforms her 1950s Californian bungalow into a stunning home with a fresh, modern feel.

The Kiwi Dream with Refresh Renovations Episode 1 Back to top

Episode 1 introduces the renovation of Evie Ashton’s Kiwi Dream 1950’s Californian bungalow project overlooking the Hauraki Gulf in Karaka Bay. The potential is limitless!

The new homeowner, Evie Ashton, wants to transform this property into her dream home by adding a modern feel whilst keeping the initial Californian bungalow style architecture.

Evie takes us through the history of the bungalow and it’s surroundings. As well as making a start on the property’s landscaping, Evie reveals her ambitious plans for her new property and we are introduced to her team of experts, put together by Refresh Renovations, who have been brought in to help achieve the dream.

The Kiwi Dream with Refresh Renovations Episode 2 Back to top

The landscaping team prepares Evies land for her spa, a new and luxurious addition to her backyard, which will look upon a stunning view. The demolition of the third room is now underway, which then brings up a few unexpected surprises.

The Kiwi Dream with Refresh Renovations Episode 3 Back to top

At this point, Evie has had her fair share of surprises that often come with the renovation of a 1950s home. However, there are still more to come before her Kiwi home becomes a Kiwi dream.

The Kiwi Dream with Refresh Renovations Episode 4 Back to top

After advice from Refresh is ignored, and Evie used a dodgy contractor to lay a floor, It's decided that there is no option but to rip the whole flooring job up and start again.

The Kiwi Dream with Refresh Renovations Episode 5 Back to top

For six weeks, Evie had to pull the plug on the whole operation; both the filming and the building. See how Refresh Renovations helped her to pull the renovation back into action, all while keeping all of her team onboard. 

The Kiwi Dream with Refresh Renovations Episode 6 Back to top

We recap each of the renovations and talk to the main players about how they think it all went from their perspective. And then Mike Pero gives his opinion on what the house is now worth. It is a surprising answer!


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