Are Garden Pods The New Outdoor ‘Must Have’ For Homeowners?

Garden rooms are very popular, but are garden pods the solution to utilising our outdoor space?

an aluminium garden pod

Garden pods are becoming an increasingly popular choice for outdoor ‘indoor’ spaces; substituting the sub-standard rectangular wooden sheds we all know for something a little more curvy, stylish, and well, exciting. Echoing the ‘glamping’ craze that has swept across the nation in the last few years, garden pods provide a modern alternative to the potting shed and can be used for a whole host of different purposes – not just somewhere to store your trowels, seed packets and old bicycles. If you’re looking to expand your living space into the garden but aren’t taken by the idea of the traditional shed, then look no further for inspiration; we have it all covered here.

What exactly are Garden Pods?

Garden Pods are essentially unusually shaped outbuildings; usually curved in their form or entirely a sphere. They come in various timber materials and are often clad in armadillo-style armour shell style for maximum protection from the elements without compromising on style. Garden Pods usually don’t require any foundations to be laid or Planning Permission to be erected and so even though they look considerably more curated and well-planned out than a standard garden shed, they’re frequently a much easier outbuilding option. Garden Pods are purchased standalone with fittings and furnishings provided by the homeowner thereafter. They can be used for just about anything dependent on their size – from studios and hobby rooms to office spaces or even guest bedrooms!

I just want a seating area. Should I both with a full Garden Pod purchase for this?

Unless you live somewhere outstandingly tropical, you’ll likely always need some degree of protection from the elements that often a parasol simply can’t provide. A Garden Pod provides a roof overhead so works even for the smallest and most simple of seating areas. Specifically-designed Garden Pods including built-in tables and chairs can be purchased, or an empty Pod can be erected and furniture installed after. A Garden Pod seating area certainly provides more of a focal design element to an outdoor space than a bench and can be shut away for the winter without having to worry about the condition of the items within.

Can I dine outside in a Garden Pod?

Absolutely! Igloo-style outdoor pods have grown hugely in popularity since restaurants were permitted to open post-pandemic, and have been introduced as a permanent option through many chains and upmarket establishments. Although not many may consider installing such a pod in their garden they definitely can – and the large transparent nature of this option helps provide minimal disruption to the greenery around it while incorporating light and leading-edge design. Igloo-style pods can be bought in varying sizes and are constructed from hexagonal glass or plastic windows; often made from recyclable materials. These materials are rain, wind, snow and UV proof, so a dining set can be stored inside year-round.

My garden only gets sun for part of the day. Won’t my Garden Pod be too dark?

For gardens or outdoor spaces that don’t attract a great deal of sun, a rotating Garden Pod can make for a practical purchase. Round Garden Pods that sit on a rotational base allow for the open edge of the Pod to be moved to follow the sun around as it moves. There are varying designs of rotating pods on the market but many include seating and table/s within. They also make for a smart choice for those with gardens directly in wind paths or that are actually too bright, to move comfortably into the shade.

I have an outdoor swimming pool. Could a Garden Pod work as a changing room?

Garden Pods make for the ideal changing room for outdoor swimming pools, gym areas or even just for kids who get mucky as they play in the garden all day. You may wish to consider installing electrics for a hairdryer or heater for cooler weather and such a pod may be best equipped with a lock for privacy.

Is a Garden Pod suitable for an office?

With more of the public working from home than ever before, balancing work and life can be tricky – not least because there’s no escape from the constant onslaught of calls and emails. Using a Garden Pod as a home office makes for the perfect solution; removing you from the hustle and bustle of family life while you’re trying to get on with technical work or professional phone conversations whilst still providing a space that you can shut the door on at the end of the working day and return to your home life. Garden Pods can have electrics installed for your charging and power points and WiFi can often be simply received through an amplifier boosting the signal from the main house. What’s more, if you run a full business from home, a Garden Pod office can create a fantastic base for customers or contacts to visit without having to enter the main house. Just adequately signpost the business from the front and lead people around the side of the home straight to your new digs!

Can decking be added to the outside of a Garden Pod?

If you’re creating a seating or dining area, adding decking to the entrance of the Garden Pod can provide a further area that blurs the lines between the outside and in. Unless your property is listed or in a designated conservation area, such features can be added without Planning Permission and will really make a feature of your new garden space.
Garden Pods are versatile and vibrant, bringing a touch of contemporary design to outdoor spaces which are so often overlooked when it comes to outbuildings. Although not a home renovation as such, the installation of such pods can make for ambitious property projects, so if you’d like a hand or some advice in the creation of your new outdoor room, get in touch with the Refresh Renovations team today!

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