Breezway louvre windows as seen on The Kiwi Dream

Light, air and space. All are equally important in making a home comfortable to live or work in.

Breezeway Louvre window in white double bedroom, facing the bay.

Light, air and space. All are equally important in making a home comfortable to live or work in. The incorporation of high performance Breezway Altair Louver Windows next to fixed glass panels are a perfect example of how you can maximise your view while enjoying the benefits of fresh air at any time of day. This flow of fresh ventilation helps reduce condensation and the build-up of mould to ensure a healthy living environment all year round.
Of course, there are times when you’ll want to keep the weather out and, when closed, Breezway Altair Louvres seal tight to ensure superior performance.  This means that cold drafts are never a problem, air-conditioners can run more efficiently, and the windows won’t leak, even in extreme weather.
If you are looking for an innovative, window solution, the Altair Powerlouvre Window is available and can be operated by wall switch, remote control or even integrated into a smart home automation system.

Altair Louvres can also be installed on internal walls to further assist with natural airflow throughout the home. A variety of sizes, colours and blade options provides architectural flexibility and creates a distinctive design feature for any room. Blade types include tinted or clear glass for optimum views, timber blades for shading rooms from direct sunlight while timber, obscure glass and aluminum blades are great for providing privacy for occupants within the building.
Manufactured for long lasting resistance to external elements, Altair Louvre Windows require minimum maintenance. They can be easily cleaned from inside the building, a great advantage in multi-level dwellings.

Altair Louvres offer a number of advantages over other window types:

-     With no fixed panes and blades that open almost horizontally in an aluminium window or

    timber frame, Altair Louvres open twice as wide as regular windows to maximise ventilation.
-     Altair Louvre Windows can be left open in gentle rain.
-     The amount of airflow through the window can be precisely controlled.
-     Breezes can be directed upwards towards the ceiling.
-     When open, Altair Louvre Windows do not project far beyond the surrounding wall so do not

    impede paths of travel.
-     Altair Louvre Windows can be cleaned from the inside of the building (a big advantage in

    multi-floor buildings).
For more information, please visit the Breezway website.

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