Five essentials for a perfect bathroom renovation

Although the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, it can make a big difference to the general feel of your home. If your bathroom is cramped, dark, or doesn't use space efficiently, it can throw off the entire flow of your home. Find out the 5 bathroom essentials that make for a perfectly designed bathroom.

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It’s often one of the smallest rooms in the house, but a beautiful bathroom has the potential to give the greatest of pleasure, especially if an element of pampering is incorporated. As Surrey builders, at Refresh we have extensive experience of designing and renovating bathrooms to the highest standards, so in this article, we examine five key aspects of the design and build process which we think can make a real difference to the final outcome.

Bathroom Design

When it comes to bathrooms, we believe that less is more. Keep the design simple, with clean lines, and you’ll end up with a bathroom that stands the test of time. If you select faddy features and an edgy colour scheme, there’s a danger that the design may quickly look outmoded and, worse still, that you tire of the entire concept. We believe that the key to bathroom design and renovation is to create a feeling of elegance that is contemporary but classic – a bathroom that doesn’t date, in other words. Other useful tips in the bathroom design arena are to use mirrors cleverly to make the room seem larger and add reflected light and to avoid wall-mounted sanitaryware.
From an aesthetic point of view, we’d also recommend focusing on concealing pipework wherever possible – nothing can ruin a bathroom renovation more than a network of pipes that could easily have been hidden with a little planning. Avoiding unnecessary embellishments such as curves, steps, ornate decorative mouldings and superfluous ornamentation will also help to keep the budget under control.


It’s not exactly exciting, but we focus on the practical side of the space almost as much as on the design, and in some senses, the two go hand in hand. In our view, there’s little point designing the perfect bathroom if important practical issues such as heating, lighting and ventilation are overlooked.
If you’re renovating and upgrading the bathroom, this is potentially an opportunity to rethink how it’s heated. An efficient towel rail or radiator can help both to heat the room and to provide warm, dry towels all year round, while underfloor heating adds a touch of luxury. We tend to advise our clients not to go overboard on lighting, simply because a single pendant light can be equally as effective as downlights or wall-mounted lights, and is easier to maintain.
To avoid excess moisture, condensation and – in a worst-case scenario – damp, ventilation is vital. The new bathroom configuration will inevitably generate steam, so a high-quality extractor fan is a must, and a window vac might be worth exploring. To alleviate the feeling of clutter, which can be the curse of any bathroom, it’s sensible to plan to include sufficient storage to hide everything from cosmetic products to cleaning materials.


The bathroom is perhaps one of the last places in the house that you’d consider for hi-tech accessories, but there are a number of possibilities on the market. Waterproof televisions can sit flush within one of the walls, and you can also build in a wireless speaker to stream your favourite music. Automated blinds and bath fillers are available, as is smart lighting which will allow you to preset lighting levels and colours to reflect your desired mood. Sensor taps will help save water, while an automatic soap dispenser can reduce wastage.


Nothing will elevate your new bathroom above the routine like a single item of luxury. Whether it’s an indulgent freestanding rolltop bath, a minimalist rain shower head or striking feature tiles, we’d recommend splashing out on at least one headline feature.


Although apparently simple, bathroom renovations can present a number of headaches, especially when it comes to commissioning and managing a number of trades. For any bathroom project, it’s likely that you’ll need the services of an interior designer, a plumber, an electrician, a plasterer, a carpenter and a painter & decorator, all of whom need to be coordinated to appear at the right stage of the project. There’s also the challenge of ordering and managing the delivery of the materials required, and this can have a huge effect on the schedule and the budget.
As Kelley Malcher explains, it’s in the area of project management that Surrey builders Refresh Renovations come into their own. ‘Working with my team, I take all the hassle out of bathroom renovations in Surrey,’ says Kelley. ‘I meet with clients to discuss their hopes and dreams for their new bathroom and then work with them to create a design specification so that I can quote the project. I like to spend time in this phase to cover all the bases and avoid any nasty surprises further down the line when it comes to the budget.

‘Once the design and budget are approved, I then manage all aspects of the project to ensure that the trades are on-site when they are needed and that they complete their aspect of the work on time and within budget,’ continues Kelley. ‘The feedback that I receive from clients indicates that it is our ability to handle all the project management that sets us apart from other builders in Surrey. Ultimately, I’m there for the client throughout the project and right through to completion, and I always share their excitement about the final result.’
Refresh Renovations UK are builders in Surrey offering design and build services. To discuss how we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality, please get in touch today using the enquiry form listed alongside, or if you would like to submit a more comprehensive enquiry, you can do so on the Get In Touch page.
Refresh Renovations UK are Surrey builders offering design and build services. To discuss how we can help bring your home extension to reality, please get in touch today using the enquiry form listed alongside, or if you would like to submit a more comprehensive enquiry, you can do so on the Get In Touch page.

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