How Much Does A High-End Bathroom Renovation Cost In Australia?

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High end budget bathroom renovation.
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A high-end bathroom renovation in Australia is likely to cost anything from $50,000 and up. Ready to create your dream bathroom and looking for inspiration? Then read on – or check out our budget and mid-range bathroom renovation estimates for lower cost options.

Determine your brief

The first think you need to do is decide what kind of experience you’re looking to create. Do you want your bathroom to feel like a premium spa? A luxury hotel? Or perhaps even a Balinese resort? Deciding what kind of style and mood you’re after will help determine your choices and stop you feeling overwhelmed or distracted by everything that’s on offer. Once you’ve decided on your style, start collecting images and ideas – on a pin board or on Pinterest – so you have plenty of reference materials to guide you. Be sure to share these visual references with your renovation consultant, architect, building designer or interior designer – that way you can ensure you have common points of reference.
With a generous budget you have the luxury of being able to change your bathroom’s layout. Moving your bath or shower, vanity and toilet usually requires replumbing and rewiring, which can be expensive, but it’s worth spending the money to create your perfect bathroom. You may also want to think about ‘stealing’ some space from an adjoining room or cupboard. Moving a partition wall is usually relatively straightforward and could make all the difference to your finished bathroom.
Most bathroom renovations typically include a new bath, shower, vanity and toilet, plus extractor fan, towel rail, tiles, paint and flooring. However, you may want to include other elements, whether decorative or functional, if your budget allows.

How much do freestanding baths and spas cost?

Freestanding baths look and feel luxurious. If you have a great view from your bathroom try and position your bath to take advantage of it. There are so many baths to choose from these days in a host of designs, materials and colours. Polished stone looks super luxe and we love the industrial feel of polished concrete, but they are both very heavy – so be sure to check your floor can support it before making a commitment.
bathroom renovation walk in shower wet room
Wet rooms and walk-in showers can look very functional, but there are plenty of high-end features to choose from. Look for overhead rainwater showerheads, two-person showers or those with massage spray jets inset in the wall.
We use around 40% of our household water in the bathroom. Living on the driest continent on the planet means Australians can’t afford to waste a drop – so water efficiency is a key priority to our bathroom designers. Make it your mission to ensure your new bathroom is as water wise as possible and check out the latest innovations. From tap ware to toilets and plenty more besides, you’ll find there are lots of new products that will help you do your bit to conserve Australia’s most precious resource.

How much do luxury vanities and fittings cost?

Vanities take centre stage in today’s bathrooms. There’s a vast range available – with many different sizes, finishes (including stone, wood, glass concrete and metal) and specifications to choose from, but it’s also possible to design or customise your own. This is particularly useful if you have an unusually large or unusual space to fill. Your renovation consultant, architect or interior designer can help you develop a brief for the manufacturer and can also help ensure the piece fits well with the rest of the space.
Bathroom Renovation with custom vanity and luxury fittings installed

How can I make my bathroom walls high-end?

Tiling is one of the key features of today’s bathrooms. From glass mosaics to New York-style subway tiles, there are thousands to choose from. We’d suggest limiting the number of different types of tile you have in your bathroom; choosing one ‘hero’ tile complemented with one or two more neutral options can give you a sophisticated, modern look.
If you like the look of patterned or mosaic tiles, check out award-winning designer, Greg Natale’s range for Sydney-based Teranova Tiles. Their geometric designs and restrai

How much does it cost to add entertainment systems?

Want to do more in your bathroom than simply get ready for the day? Liquifi markets a range of waterproof televisions for use in bathrooms and kitchens, and it’s now easier than ever before to bring sound into the bathroom. Products range from smart bathroom mirrors to showerheads with wireless speakers to sound systems specifically designed for the bathroom. Alternatively, you can extend your in-home sound system in this space. When considering any of these options, be sure to seek expert advice from your plumber and electrician to ensure they are installed safely.
Bathroom renovation with entertainment system installed
Talking of technology, make the most of automation and ensure your underfloor heating warms up the bathroom before you get there. You can also install lighting sensors that will activate if you visit the bathroom at night.

What options do I have for high-end lighting?

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design and is particularly important in the bathroom, where mood and task lighting are needed. It always makes sense to maximise the amount of natural light in your bathroom (use tinted or frosted glass to protect privacy if necessary), but you can also use light as a real feature in the space. For example, a chromo therapy bath or shower uses coloured light to help promote well-being and relaxation and looks stunning.

How do I keep my bathroom nice and warm?

Deciding on the right flooring for your bathroom can be a challenge whatever your budget. It should be waterproof, non-slip and durable – and look fantastic too. We suggest considering porcelain tiles, stone, polished concrete and engineered wood.
Be sure to take the needs and wants of your household into account when choosing. Last but not least, if you want to enjoy underfloor heating on cooler days, be sure to factor this in when making your choice.
bathroom renovation with stone tiles

Depending on your budget, you might like to read about bathroom renovation options with a Basic budget or a Mid-range budget.

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