How much does a high end walk-in wardrobe cost in New Zealand?

With a walk-in wardrobe that could house an elephant, the borders between a wardrobe and a formal dressing room a becoming increasingly blurred. Get some luxury walk-in wardrobe options to consider.

Sofa in the middle of a spacious walk-in wardrobe
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With more space to play with, extra furnishings can be added including rugs, islands for folding and viewing clothes, ottomans and seats. A luxury fit out will ensure the proper royal treatment of both yourself and your clothes, and you should earmark at least $20,000 or more for this.
If your budget is lower, you might want to go to our basic or mid-range estimates. 

What is the best custom-built solution?

There are many high end storage units and modular systems available, but for the ultimate fit, a bespoke solution that has been planned by a renovation builder around your lifestyle, is the best option. You can tailor the amount of hanging space, open and closed shelving and shoe storage to match your needs to a ‘T’. When you discuss your requirements with a renovation builder, think about not only the kinds of garments you wear, for example long dresses that would require a lot of long hanging space versus folded items and so on, but also consider your morning routine and habits, for example listening to music or having a coffee while you get dressed. All these things can be taken into consideration, and the ideal wardrobe design will combine all these fun and functional elements to design a walk-in wardrobe that fits like a glove.
Getting dressed can be so much more than just a chore, and with a fun set up that could include sunrise lighting, a spot to sit and keep a cup of tea or coffee, along with many other features, every morning becomes an enjoyable experience.
The layout of the wardrobe can be planned around your needs and there is virtually no limit to the size of your dream wardrobe. Most wardrobes have a ‘his’ and ‘hers’ section, but with some space to spare, you could consider completely separate rooms.
Modern and stylish walk-in wardrobe with wooden finishes

What are the best materials for a walk-in wardrobe?

An elegant finish will give your walk-in wardrobe a high end look and we feel that can’t be achieved with standard white shelves. You can customise materials, colours and textures to create a one-of-a-kind dressing experience. Many materials can come together here, including flooring and soft furnishings, such as sofas, drapes or blinds. But undoubtedly the style of the shelving and storage units has the biggest impact and sets the tone for the whole room.
Coloured laminate and melamine board or timber veneers are popular choices. They add a bit of colour or soft wooden touch. You can also opt for coloured polyurethane finishes in satin, semi-gloss or full gloss. Glass doors can be for parts of the wardrobe shelving, and for the wardrobe itself too, to break up and soften lines of shelves and hanging space. A few closed drawers or cupboards can also protect delicate items or keep a few possessions out of sight. Glass comes in many different colours, clear or frosted. Many companies offer custom designs on glass, including frosted or photographic images.
Solid timber is possibly the most upmarket material for the interior of a walk-in wardrobe. It’s rarely used for shelving as it’s an expensive resource, but where money is no object it certainly delivers a stunning result and can turn a walk-in wardrobe sophisticated chi with a white-wash paint finish. Solid timber is sturdy and strong, and its surface adds a lavish texture to the rooms and acts as a luxury backdrop.
For soft furnishings, such as sofas, leather is probably the most luxurious option, but velvet and cotton-linen blends are also popular. Curtains and blinds come in a range of styles and designs to match your taste.
Wooden walk-in closet with seating space in the middle

Are there any useful special features?

Apart from special sliding or pull-out doors and drawers, several extra features can be added to make life easier and more pleasant. One of the most commonly used extras is a built-in ironing station. The station with its ironing board can be neatly folded up into a cupboard or into a centre island. Centre islands can vary greatly in terms of size and build. They can double as a flat surface for folding garments or to display items of clothing. A glass top could show off jewellery or other decorative items in a pull-out drawer. 
Another handy feature is an integrated laundry basket that keeps your dirty laundry separated and hidden from view until it’s time for laundry day. Some more extravagant and eccentric walk-in wardrobes have hidden secret cupboards or a heavy, metal safe that hide away valuables.
Mirrors are a given in most walk-in wardrobes, and certainly so in the high end market. Extra large mirrors are available, as are complete mirror walls and handy dressing mirrors with several parts so you can see yourself from every angle. 
White walk-in closet with big mirror and colorful clothes

How can I integrate home automation into the wardrobe?

In this day and age of information technology, automating the whole house complete with a walk-in wardrobe is becoming more common. Possibly the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about automation, with regards to the walk-in wardrobe, is lighting. It certainly is very practical and it’s so easy to install motion sensors so that lights come on automatically as you step into the walk-in wardrobe. Some lighting systems also allow you to adapt the light to your mood or time of day, with sunrise, midday and evening settings.
Next up is heating and ventilation. Let sensors or timers help you maintain the perfect temperature and airflow in your walk-in wardrobe. With modern heat pump systems, for example, you can simply dial in the temperature that is to be maintained, and you can also schedule a regular drying or dehumidifying sequence.
If you are installing or upgrading a complete home automation system, it will be easy to install an outlet or control panel in the walk-in wardrobe as well. You will be able to access the system from your wardrobe if you so desire. Music and entertainment media can just as easily be integrated so you can follow the news or listen to your favourite tunes while getting dressed. A useful extra is a temperature display that can show you the outside temperature so you know whether to layer up or take an extra item of clothing with you.
Other automation related features include automated drawers where at the push of a button, handle free shelves can appear from the wall. The wardrobe world is your oyster, so enjoy the process of planning and using your new walk-in wardrobe.

Depending on your budget, you might be interested in building a walk-in wardrobe with a basic or mid-range budget.

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