How much does a new roof cost in the United Kingdom?

There's a lot to consider when undertaking a re-roofing project but making a smart choice has never been easier.

Terracotta roof tiles

One of the best investments that you could make for your property is fitting a new roof. A quality roof can prevent unnecessary weather damage, can completely refresh the look of your home and can even save you money on your energy bills. Here is everything you need to know before you start a roof renovation and an outline of the sort of costs you can expect to pay here in the UK. 

So, just how much does a new roof cost in the UK?

This is a tricky question to answer without knowing which exact style of roof you want for your home. Pricing up the overall cost of the project will vary massively depending on the choices that you make and the professionals you decide to use. Currently, the starting price of a new roof in the UK averages between £4000-£5000 for materials and installation. The cost of the roofing materials, the installation and labour requirements, the height and roof pitch, and the size and accessibility of your property will all cause a quote for your new roof to change. Costs can also depend on whether your property is over one storey and/or has extensive damage; this will mean that the job will likely require scaffolding, which again, will affect the price. Essentially, the cost of the overall purchase will be determined by what you select so it’s a really good idea to know all of your options before you start. 

Why do I need a new roof? Shouldn’t I just repair my current one?

When it comes to deciding on a new roof, you have two options available to you- you can restore your roof or you can choose to reroof the property. Restoring your roof is probably better when the structure of your current roof isn’t integrally damaged; it might need some work but doesn’t need fully replacing. Reroofing is where the decision is made to pull down the current roof and fully replace the structure and covering. There are many reasons why the decision to replace the entire roof may be the better option for your property:
- If you spend more of your time and money repairing your current roof than enjoying your home.
- If you’ve got water damage or persistent leaks in the propert
- If your roof is over 20 years old or the shingles are missing or curling then reroofing may be actually cheaper than constant repairs.
- If you can see daylight through the roof. 
- If you want to redesign the style and structure of your roof.

Still unsure? Contact your local Refresh Renovations Consultant.

How much can I expect to pay for roof materials?

Below are the three mainstream choices of roof coverings in the UK and their typical example costs. Bear in mind that the overall cost of materials for your new roof will also include ridge tiles, fixings, batons, sand/cement, felt, and much more. Costing normally starts at around £1200. 

Interlocking Tiles

These are the cheapest option and are easy to lay. Interlocking roof tiles are normally made of concrete and are great for covering a pitched roof. They aren’t suitable for more complex roof designs. Using interlocking tiles can save on costs; these tiles are fairly large and don’t require as much time for installation, reducing labour costs. 
Cost per tile= approx. £12-22 per square metre
interlocking roof tiles

Plain Tiles

Contemporary plain tiles are the smaller clay or concrete tiles and give a more traditional look than interlocking tiles. Plain tiles are a more expensive choice because of the sheer amount of labour involved in fixing the tiles. 
Cost per tile= approx. £28-£40 per square metre
man installing plain tiles

Slate Tiles

Slate roof tiles come in two forms- natural slate tiles, and man-made alternatives.  Whilst very beautiful, natural slate has to be specifically laid because the rock has no natural contours. This means every part of the roof has to be exactly covered to ensure the property is watertight. Of course, this means more labour is required and will cost you more for installation. 
Man-made slates are just as popular as the natural option with many choosing reconstituted slate. This is made of dust and resin and is normally available as interlocking tiles. Whilst the cost of the tile is similar to natural slate, using replica slate interlocking tiles can reduce the price of installation, ultimately saving you money. It’s worth noting that man-made slate does tend to be more durable against the elements.
Cost= approx. £70 per square metre.  
UK Slate tiles

What other costs are involved in a roof renovation?

Hiring a roofing professional is obviously a no-brainer for your project; labour costs in the UK normally start at around £250/day for a roofer. Other costs that are often forgotten by first time renovators are skip hire and scaffolding costs, if the property requires it. Both of these costs can amount to around the £1200 mark.  You’re likely to incur a ‘company profits’ charge of about £275/day which is normally included in the total cost of the renovation. This bill covers things like the administrative fees, worker’s insurance and vehicle costs for your labourers’.

Replacing a roof might sound like a daunting task, but using a professional who can manage and oversee the project can really take the stress away from any sort of property renovation.  If you’re concerned about managing the finer details, or want tailored advice from our experts, get in touch with Refresh to discuss all of your home renovation needs. 

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All Refresh Renovations franchises are independently owned and operated.

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