How much does a pre-purchase building inspection cost and what does it involve?

A pre-buy building inspection is an unquestionable requirement when you're purchasing a property. It can help reveal critical issues which enable you to negotiate a price that mirrors the property's condition or, subject to the terms of any agreement in place, exit the agreement altogether. The cost of a building inspection for a standard four-bedroom house in a local region is around $400-$500, with costs for comparable homes in urban territories at around $800+.

Building inspection form
By Persephone Nicholas

A pre-purchase building inspection is a must when you’re buying a property. It can help uncover significant defects and so help you negotiate a price that reflects the property’s condition or, subject to the terms of any contract in place, walk away from the purchase altogether. The price of a building inspection for a typical four-bedroom house in a regional area is around $400-$500, with prices for similar homes in urban areas at around $800+.
Prices will vary depending on the type, age, size and location of the property as well as the scope of the report. Bear in mind that the cheapest deal may not be the best value – a more expensive, but more thorough inspection could save you a great deal of money in the long term.

Why do I need a building inspection?

A building inspection is the best way to help ensure you don’t unwittingly buy a property with significant defects that could be difficult and/or expensive to put right. It can also help identify illegal additions to a property that may become your problem if you buy it.
Nielen Prince of Refresh Renovations South Australia says a building inspection can also help you understand whether or not your plans for a major renovation are feasible.
‘Getting a building inspection before purchase helps avoid costly errors. It will help determine the structural appropriateness of the property and whether it suits your long-term goals. If you’re thinking of extending up or out, for example, you need to know that the building’s footings are suitable.’

What does a building inspection report cover?

The NSW Government’s Fair Trading website advises a full review of the building’s interior and exterior including the roof, roof space and underfloor space. The site (e.g. garage/carport, garden shed, small retaining walls, steps, fencing, surface water drainage, storm water run-off, and paths and driveways) should also be checked.
The site recommends checking for working electrical safety switches and smoke alarms, as well as looking for signs of asbestos (particularly important for properties built before 1985).
This is good advice but, if you live outside NSW, check government resources for your own state too.

Who can carry out a building inspection?

Fair Trading also advises that it’s important to appoint a qualified person such as a surveyor, architect or licensed builder to conduct the building inspection and prepare the report:
‘These professions should see through any cosmetic improvements covering up faults that might otherwise be missed by an untrained eye.’
Consumer Affairs Victoria recommends using an inspection service with full professional indemnity insurance that will protect you if the inspector overlooks an issue that must be fixed.

Do I need a pest inspection?

It’s usually worth including a pest inspection with your building inspection. Units and apartments on the first floor or higher are generally at lower risk of termites and other pest-related damage, but these checks are relatively inexpensive when included as part of a building inspection.

Where can I find a reputable building inspector?

Look online, ask your real estate agent for suggestions or contact your state branch of Master Builders Australia. Check licenses and credentials as well as online reviews.
‘Make sure your building inspector is fully qualified,’ advises Cinzia Gagliardi of Refresh Renovations Illawarra. ‘We’ve seen reports that just look at the surface of the property and that’s not good enough. Your inspector should be going into the roof and under the house and taking lots of photos of the building’s structure and footings.’

How can I make sure my building inspection covers everything I need?

Most building inspectors have a checklist of things they include. They may offer different levels of inspection at different price points, so understand what you’re getting for your money. If there’s anything else you need, ask upfront for it to be included.
Check that the inspection includes photographs, particularly of hard to access areas such as the roof exterior or property foundations.
Finally, make sure you agree the deadline for the report to be supplied to you.

What happens once I’ve booked my inspection?

Put your building inspector in touch with your real estate agent to arrange property access. Reputable inspectors will act quickly, visiting the property and delivering their report within a few days.

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