How much does it cost to renovate a garage on a high end budget in Australia?

Once upon a time, a garage was simply a place to park a car and perhaps store tools. Now, particularly with the rise in popularity of carpeted garages, they're also leisure rooms, with pool tables or table tennis, home gyms, hobby rooms and overflow storage zones.

High end garage renovation with storage and designated leisure areas.
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Whether a rumpus room, a kitchen, laundry room or a hobbyists personal sanctuary, a high-end garage renovation which starts at $9,000-$15,000+, transforms your once single-purpose garage into a dedicated room of its own.

How can I maximise garage storage space on a high end budget?

Self-assembly just doesn’t cut it for some of us. Luckily, there are top-of-the-range garage storage systems that come ready-assembled, such as the Gladiator Garageworks Premier series, which has heavy-duty welded steel construction.
To maximise space, Refresh Renovations recommends going to a specialist joiner to make cabinets. Choosing someone who might also make kitchen and laundry cabinetry can eke out most of your available room. Asking your renovation consultant to frame something up using building timber won’t give such a tailored result. There are pros and cons to things like cavity doors. You will need your walls built out a bit more to accommodate them, but they will save room in other ways.

How much does it cost to add a garage door on a high end budget?

For high-end options opt for cedar/ply or quality steel doors. Tongue and groove horizontal and vertical panel cedar doors can be made in various board widths and thicknesses. They will usually include a layer of insulation, including a styled overlay.
Expect to pay around $2,500 plus for a high-end garage door.
High-end garag renovation with indoor paneling,  steel cabinets and drawers and dedicated workbench

What carpet options do I have?

Practicality rules with garage carpet. There is a choice of colours across different brands, but nowhere near the same variety as household carpet. One of the garage carpets specified most is a solution-dyed polypropylene in ‘Anthracite,’ a dark-grey colour, which is one of the most popular – and practical – colours should your car track in dirt in its tyres or have an oil leak. Because of this, low-key colours for garages generally work better instead of louder colours like red.
Whatever colour people choose, it needs to be carpet made specifically made for garages. Conventional carpet or vinyl just won’t cut it. The beauty of polypropylene carpet is that it can be vacuumed for regular maintenance or hosed down if there’s a mess. Garage carpet can cost from approximately $900.
Garage carpet is glued directly on to concrete. It won’t adhere to painted surfaces, so if your garage floor is painted the paint will need to be sanded off. Any holes will need to be filled or bumps ground down for a flat surface. In general, garage floors in home built before 1974 won’t be suitable for carpet to be laid immediately as they generally won’t have adequate damp proofing.
Carpet retailers will always do a site measure before carpet is ordered so they can advise on whether your garage floor requires any remedial prep work and arrange it for you. This is an extra cost, depending on what is necessary.
Garage carpet is affordable for most homeowners,  priced at around $70 per lineal metre. If you choose to go with a pattern for the carpet in your garage, bear in mind that over time a pattern will be flattened or distorted with the weight of a car parked on it in the same spot.
Another option for heavy-duty garage flooring is tile floors, which should snap together easily with no adhesives, cover any cracks or stains, and support vehicles and other heavy equipment. Look for other qualities as well, such as insulation, slip-resistance, and stain and chemical resistance.

What are vehicle turntables?

If your car-turning space is tight, you may like to consider a vehicle turntable, which are becoming increasingly popular because of difficult access, problems reversing onto busy roads, steep driveways and limited parking/turning space. They are most often installed on the driveway outside the garage, but sometimes they can be installed inside the garage.
Turntables are typically 4m in diameter, but bigger options are also available and some can handle two vehicles. Turntables should be constructed on a level, reinforced concrete pad below the finished driveway level, and are typically operated by remote control from within the vehicle. Turntables should also be fully galvanised and of durable construction. Usually a flat site is preferable, but some can also be installed on a slope.
The price for a turntable depends on a number of factors, such as access to the site, degree of slope, number of site visits, area and freight. As a guideline, you can expect a 4m-diameter turntable installed on an easy access site to cost from $19,700, plus GST.
Another cool alternative is a vehicle stacker. This is a parking lift installed either in or outside the garage. There are a range of styles and the lifting capacity is generally around 2700kg or 3000 kg, depending on the style.
Car turntable  installed outside the garage

How much does it cost to build a new garage?

If you are building a new garage, allow $75,000 for a high-end three-bay garage with a workshop bench and insulated storeroom. This covers materials and labour. Budget a further $9,000 for council permits and utility connections.

And if you are just starting your garage renovation research, read our basic and mid-range garage project estimates to get a full picture on renovation costs.

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All Refresh Renovations franchises are independently owned and operated.

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