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Renovating a property often conjures up images of kitchens being ripped out, walls knocked down and a huge amount of ensuing chaos and upheaval. However, renovating a property doesn’t always have to focus on the big-ticket items such as installing new windows and adding a conservatory to the back of the property. 
Instead, there are hundreds of ways you can spruce up your property without spending a small fortune. Read on to discover some tips and tricks from the experts and add value to your home in the process. 

Tips To Renovate On A Budget

  • Taking on some of the elements of a home renovation which don’t require expert knowledge such as removing and disposing of internal fixtures and fittings you won’t keep, or potentially taking on the decorating, can help to reduce costs. It can prove a fun task to do with your partner or friends, and you are picking up new skills as you go
  • Sense check your costings There are multiple online platforms to check renovation costs - we even have examples here. Straightforward tasks should have a set price by most tradies that they’ll happily give you, but cheaper isn’t always better. If you are getting quotes from multiple tradespeople, be sure to be as clear as possible exactly what their quotes include, and if there are any exclusions.
  • Reuse your materials as much as possible instead of buying things brand new. It could be tiles that simply need a quick clean and polish to bring them back to their best or spend some time chiselling old mortar off bricks so they can be used again. 
  • It is wise to look around when it comes to buying everything from fixtures to new furniture and accessories. Use the internet to your advantage and scout out those bargains at a fraction of the price you’d normally have to pay.  ## Top Renovation Ideas That Don’t Cost The Earth ### In The Kitchen
  • Repaint your cabinets doors with an attractive neutral colour or add a pop of colour with something bold to really give it some personality.
  • Consider vinyl wrapping as it comes in at quite a low cost and can always be changed with ease if you grow tired of the design
  • Add a backsplash with a simple piece of metal or coloured acrylic. You could even push the boat out and buy some cheap tiles for a truly unique finish. 
  • Buy a new surface for your kitchen sides. You don’t have to spend thousands on expensive marble countertops, but instead there are lots you can choose from like wood or quartz.  ### In The Bathroom
  • Add new cabinets underneath the sink or fastened to the wall so you have more space and can store all of those little items out of view
  • Brighten up a wall with some colourful wallpaper. Usually this is not seen in a bathroom due to the moisture, however as long as it is not your shower wall it will be fine.
  • Buy a new bath in a roll-top style as it oozes charm and sophistication, and there’s nothing better than sinking down deep into a roll-top bath with some candles lit and bubbles. 
  • Lay some new flooring to the bathroom such as a contemporary lino or even some wooden tongue and groove boards to really make it feel modern and fresh.  ### In The Living Room
  • The simple addition of new curtains can change the look and feel of the whole room. Opt for a block colour to tie in a theme with accessories or choose a funky bright pattern to add fun.
  • Focus on creating elegant lighting solutions that fit in well with the vibe of the room. You can choose new fixtures for your main ambient lighting or go for a new table or floor lamp.
  • Upholster your furniture to give it a new lease of life. Choose from a wide variety of colours and patterns, and most of the time with a little patience you can do it yourself for free. 
  • Create a feature wall with a small pot of paint in a singular colour for a bold backdrop to your living space. Accessorise with framed photos or other pieces of quality artwork.  ### In The Bedroom
  • It goes without saying that bedrooms always need more space, so why not search out some cheap wardrobes or chest of drawers to add much-needed space for clothes and other items. 
  • Bedrooms can be accessorised very easily with a few simple tricks. Try to use candles and fairy lights in jars which are battery-operated to create ambience when the sun goes down. 
  • A fresh coat of paint or wallpaper really has the potential to open up a space and make it look fresh, modern and clean. Remember to keep the colour theme with your bedding and curtains. 
  • As bedrooms are usually some of the smallest rooms in the property, adding a contemporary light fixture to set the tone of the room is a top tip. Experiment with bulb colours too.  ### In The Hallway
  • To maximise the space available to you, try to have some kind of shoe or coat storage solution as soon as you enter the property so everything can be tucked away neatly. 
  • Give your stairs a boost with a stair runner. You can keep it simple and neutral or create an exciting and inviting area with bold colours or patterns. 
  • Panel the walls with some quality acrylic to prevent those unsightly scuff marks from shoes as you enter the property. It is cheap to buy and easy to install. 
  • Buy a mirror for your hallway to create the illusion of more space. Position it opposite a door to enhance this effect. The larger the better! ‍ ## Get in Touch Are you trying to redecorate and renovate your property on a small budget? You don’t have to make big changes and spend big bucks to make a big impact. Reach out to the team here at Refresh Renovations and we’ll show you how to make the most of what you’ve got on a limited budget. ‍ ‍
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