Interior Design Trends 2021

The Refresh Renovations guide of the 2021 top interior trends.

A cool blue bedroom with plenty of light and plants

We might have reached the summer of 2021, but it looks like we might be hanging around our homes for just a little bit longer and with many of us embracing and enjoying this new found always-at-home lifestyle, it’s time to give your living space a bit of a refresh.
Design trends are always changing, but with property prices seemingly always on the increase, many of us are looking at ways to create a functional and more practical space in our current home and by adding a sense of calm, it's the place to provide respite from the tumultuous world outside. 
So whether you are thinking of a small home improvement or considering maximising your home's potential and value with a renovation or extension, let Refresh Renovations guide you through the top interior trends of 2021.

Classic Blue

Named the pantone colour of 2020, blue is a popular choice and a colour to stay. 2021 has seen  navy and velvet blues become the favoured choice. Blue tones are said to evoke clarity, pureness, and increased intuition. Avoid cold blues that can make your mood low or introduce some balance with splashes of bright colour such as yellow and gold. A soothing place for relaxation can be created by painting walls with a more subtle shade or deep navy will add a touch of drama and class.
A lady working from a new home office

Rethink Formal Rooms

Focus on the functionality of your home and create spaces for your family to enjoy. It’s time to say goodbye to formal dining rooms or living rooms you use once every 6 months. Create a work from home office or a place the kids can do schoolwork, a space to hobby in or a cool chill out zone for all the family. Maximise the space and value of your home and live in those formal spaces.

Let in the light

A classic, but during 2021 focus on letting in as much natural light as possible - even during the winter months, so put away those heavy thick curtains. Hang some blinds or sheer curtains or by keeping your windows bare, you can invite in the sunlight. Introduce a skylight or glass panels, it will instantly attract and reflect the light, giving you a feeling of extra space and because we are not venturing out as much as usual, filling your home with extra light is more important than ever.

The power of plants

Plenty of natural light gives you the perfect excuse to turn your home into a plant paradise. Plastic plants offer a level of convenience but the real deal gives you something to care for, distract your mind and focus on. And the benefits don’t stop there, plants can boost your mood, productivity, creativity and reduce your stress and fatigue. Making any space look beautiful, these handy little helpers also clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity & producing oxygen.

Keep it natural

The go-to accessories and furniture pieces of 2021 are all about natural elements and earthy tones. Terracotta vases, marble coffee tables, wicker baskets and wooden furniture all work together to add texture and warmth to a room. It’s a more organic look that produces a relaxed and calm vibe. Compliment the look with leather pillows, faux-fur throws and knitted pillows for a soft homely feel.
Clever storage solutions in a house

Space Saving Storage

Keep your space free of clutter and mess! As you’re decorating, filling your interior with items you love and choosing soft furnishings, always keep storage solutions in mind to limit that anxiety and claustrophobic feeling. Lots of storage can help your home feel more organised which in turn can benefit you. Where you have limited storage solutions, Refresh Renovations can help you identify clever ways around your home to maximise storage space.


Rising in popularity over the years, 2021 has seen a full wallpaper come back. Create a statement wall in your new home extension or provide a colourful backdrop in your room if a refresh is all your living space needs. A quirky design trend to try might be using wallpaper on your ceiling to add a new dimension or for ease, new peel and stick wallpaper is the perfect solution for those who like to mix things up frequently.
Using pops of colour to add interest to a room

Pops of colour

Add some colour to make your living space more cheerful and to show off your personality. Introducing items of furniture to add colour or soft furnishings that can add little pops of colour around your house will cultivate a sense of happiness and home.

Break up your space

Historically homes have been filled with enclosed rooms and spaces but with open plan living  the now popular choice, create some zones to break up your living space. Room dividers, pocket doors or internal glazed doors, are a great way to separate and zone so you can have designated living and working areas.

Reimagine your kitchen

As the heart of the home, get creative with your kitchen renovation this year. Replace upper cabinets for open shelves, sleek styles and new alternative space solutions. Bold and contrasting colours are replacing tired white and greys and out of fashion for a while wood is making a revival. And if you have a larger kitchen, double islands are the epitome of 2021 style.

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