Interior Lighting Trends For 2021

The Refresh Renovations Interior Lighting Must-Haves For 2021.

A selection of internal lights for homes.

The lighting departments of home stores are always overwhelming – a mish mash of shapes, sizes and over-exposed light fittings and lamp shades in every colour and design imaginable. As a result, it can be difficult to judge what will work best for your home and or what even would actually work in your rooms. 
A bathroom with quirky lighting.
As with anything design related, there are trends and themes in interior lighting. As we all find our feet again post-pandemic in the brave new world, finally homeowners are able to shop around more for lighting and better identify how to manipulate the atmosphere of their living spaces with it. Indeed while 2021 won’t see any radical new technological developments in the lighting sphere (because, frankly, everyone’s been busy with other focuses), we can expect to see some trends emerging and some new twists on old favourites. These are the Refresh Renovations top picks for interior lights in homes through the remainder of this year…

Brushed Soft Gold Finishes Everything

Rose gold and bronze have had their moment and now the Mrs Hinch Essex-style grey and white is being eased out of homes in favour of warm beiges and greiges (yes, that’s a real colour!). Soft gold as a finish, particularly when brushed or matte, falls perfectly in the colour spectrum to blend right in with these warmer shades and brings a touch of elegance and glamour without hitting too bold. Mellow in its appearance, soft gold is between brushed silver and brushed gold in colour and fits seamlessly with most decors; including bold urban modernity to farmhouse cottage chic. Combine with soft gold light fixtures such as switches and other decorative and ornamental soft gold accessories to type in this complement colour as a real interior fixture.

Industrial Gets An Upgrade

The harsh concrete floors and bold wall patterns we’ve seen in previous years remain popular in the homes of creatives, but now we’re seeing a more refined and sophisticated version of this aesthetic pop up. Combining urban rustic finishes with emphasis on metals and cooling tones, the focus is moving to sleeker metallic finishes and thinner, more delicate styles. Retro fixtures with more intricate details can be introduced into an industrial themed space without compromising on its overall brutality and instead pulls in a more delicate strand to its look and feel. Refined, or ‘upgraded’ industrial is a fantastic way to adopt the industrial theme if perhaps it felt too bold or cold before and fits just right in with 21st century modern living. 

Art Déco Comes Back

Although the cold hard pastel coloured café feel of art deco never really went away, finding light fixtures and fittings that worked in a home setting has long been a challenge. Sharp lines and attractive geometric designs are making a comeback, and some high street homeware stores are even reproducing the sputnik chandelier in new designs. Balancing form and art by making a style statement with lighting a very art deco approach and can be done in a way that emphasises, and doesn’t overpower, any room.
LED lighting used in a modern kitchen

Light Up With LEDs

LEDs have grown hugely in popularity over the last few years as consumers turn to more energy efficient lighting options. Now the default bulbs available in many shops, LEDs are finally dropping in price as they become more mainstream and so are more accessible than ever. LED lamps are now available in every imaginable shape, size and design, and with technology improving and prices dropping, we can only expect to see more through 2021 and beyond. It is expected that eventually LED bulbs will take over the market entirely from traditional incandescent bulbs, so it makes sense to upgrade now before any enforcement is taken or the more standard options become difficult to find. 
Large lighting feature in a warehouse style room.

Size Matters

Oversized lampshades are IN, and it’s all in the contemporary fashion in which they make a room look bigger; despite taking up more of it. Manufacturing a real ‘wow’ factor and gaining instant attention, outsized light fixtures make for the centrepiece of a space and can be as chunky and bold or as ornate in detail as you like. When hanging over big open spaces or long dining tables, the effect really draws in to the centre of the room and focuses on just that – the ‘living’ happening within. If you need multiple lights in one room, don’t be afraid to mix and match with smaller lampshades to balance out the style.

Get Smart With Smart Tech

Many homes now have an Alexa or a Google Home device and many more benefit from monitoring their energy usage online. In 2021 we’re seeing a move on smart tech into the interior lighting sector too, with an increase in requests for residential lighting controls from phones and smart devices from homeowners. Connecting with home assistants and other tech, the covers of lighting tech devices are now sleeker and smaller than before and can often be controlled from your smartphone even when not in the close vicinity to your address. While previously only ‘smart bulb’ lights would work with these devices, now there are plenty of mainstream choices available working with traditional and LED bulbs; lowering the initial outlay required.

Do What’s Right For You!

Everything in every aspect of the design market goes through trend and theme fluctuations, but at the end of the day: it’s you who has to live with the interior design choices you make. If you like a lighting type that doesn’t quite fit the current in-vogue list or you don’t see in the pages of an interiors magazine, it really doesn’t matter – go with what you like! 
As long as your lighting choices are made with quality, longevity and energy efficiency in mind, you’ll be able to select the right fixtures and fittings for you and keep your home just how you like; lit.

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