Planning the layout of your kitchen

Find out some tips and tricks to planning the layout of your kitchen space to make it easier to work around.

Kitchen layout
ARTICLE Nicola Chan from Blum

The island kitchen has proven itself as the most popular layout and design for a number of years now in homes, we tend to incorporate the kitchen into the living and dining spaces and an island layout can be integrated harmoniously in this arrangement.
Island kitchens can be cost effective too. If the back wall is comprised of cabinetry only, you will only require one benchtop and dependent on the surface material you select this could save you a lot of money.
Be cautious when doing this though, as your sink and cooktop will need to both fit on the island and it is imperative you have enough space between them for the preparation of food, you should aim for at least 900mm.
The island kitchen is also the second most efficient configuration amongst the popular kitchen design layouts. The U-shape is the most efficient, as everything you need to access and use surrounds you.

Based on the same number of cabinets and appliances, an island kitchen only requires 2-8% more steps to be taken over a typical weeks ‘work’ in the kitchen, followed by a “G-shape” arrangement, a Galley style kitchen, the L-shape and ending with the least efficient – a single line kitchen.
Many other things when planned well can further assist in the efficiency of your kitchen, such as full extension drawers enhanced with divisions so that everything stored within can be seen in one glance and accessed quickly.
Motion technologies such as Blums servo-drive electronic opening system make frequently accessed drawers like the rubbish bin quick and easy to access.
For example, a rubbish bin is one of the most frequently accessed units in your kitchen, often you have hands full of food scraps, so with this mechanism fitted you just simply knee, kick or tap the front and it will open.
For more tips on kitchen efficiency visit the ‘Ideas’ tab on the Blum website.

For more for a more comprehensive guide on kitchen renovations, check out: The Smart Renovator's Guide to Kitchen Renovations

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