Quirky Bathroom Tile Ideas

Make a statement with quirky modern bathroom tiles!

Quirky tile bathroom design

Selecting bathroom tiles can be a lot of fun but isn’t necessarily an easy task. The vast options at your disposal can be overwhelming at first but once you get used to the different patterns, textures, styles, and colours you can embrace the comprehensive range at your fingertips. Don’t let yourself be overawed by the experience, if you take a step back and don’t think too much about the enormity of choice then you will enjoy it and be a lot more decisive when it comes to picking a unique bathroom lining style. 
Manufacturers focus on patterns, colours, shapes, and tile configurations to ensure customers know they have considered fashion, trends, and design in their product, providing a touch of authenticity about them which is a big selling point in any market. Here are some guidance points and suggestive ideas for your bathroom tile quirks; 

Go Hexagonal and add Style, Substance, and more Sides!

The diversity of various patterns and experimentation of colour doesn’t stop there, it is more apparent that the demand for unusual and abnormal shapes is there. Manufacturers have not limited themselves to square tiles by introducing more-sided shapes like hexagonal tiles for a fresh look on an original idea. Geometric shapes and designs give a plethora of options to the customer who may prefer something less conventional than the traditional square tile in their modern home.

Hexagonal tiles suit large-scale bathroom walls and floors and are equally adept when applied to an accent wall. In smaller bathrooms, this style of tiling enhances the perception of space when working in tandem with neutral colours. 

Consider a Metal Finish

Metal might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to decor but it has recently become extremely fashionable and many people are jumping on the novelty bandwagon by experimenting with metal bathroom interiors. This can largely be attributed to their reflective appearance which brings space-perception qualities to the room and their shiny finish makes them easy on the eye and attractive. Metal can provide a magnificent point of difference, yes it may be extravagant but it's certainly not conventional or boring if you want to stand out.

Choose a Textured Finish

Three-dimensional tiles can inspire art, decor, and personal taste in a way other surfaces can’t quite grasp. 3-D tiles are presented in various shapes, sizes, and styles, that are often mixed into infinite combinations for a unique space. They add variation, colour depth, and surface interest to any area of the bathroom. Textured tiles can appear thin but this can be eradicated by different accompanying materials for the project.

Soft colours and Larger Patterns on a Marble Floor

It is easy to associate marble with luxury and dismiss the idea of it being a household item. Yes, it regularly features in grand palaces and expensive homes but despite its stunning complexity, fits perfectly in the most conventional of bathrooms. The attractive and enduring design is derived from the colours and styles of natural stone which encapsulate contrasting visuals that are both fascinating and mesmerizing at times.

Despite their reputation as a luxury item, modern technology has enabled us access to many different substances that appear like marble and fit perfectly into interior design. 

Neutral coatings allow the natural beauty of marble on porcelain tiles to shine at its best and the marble patterns can be embossed onto the surface negating the need to purchase real marble.

Wooden Tile Features

Wood tiling allows the consumer more freedom in terms of pattern size than more conventional tile options. Decorative patterns such as Herringbone have become increasingly popular in the market and more and more wooden styles are being introduced. Whilst other finishes are available, choices such as maple wood, cherry, or oak are commonly the best sellers.
Furthering the aesthetic appeal with a link to nature with your wooden textured tiles is modern and trendy and can be incorporated simply without breaking the bank.

Basic Design Neutral Light tiles

Wild and illuminating colours do not go well in a bathroom. If you feel the need to brighten the room up then white is always the better option over brighter colours. Bathroom tile trends will rarely venture further from the light and neutral colours we see at the moment so you won’t go too far wrong if you stick with this plan during your refurb. Cream and grey would be perfectly suitable as a light neutral option in your trendy new bathroom. Bring it to life by mixing different shades to contrast the neutral colours and experiment with textures and shapes to provide that final touch of class you need to finish the amazing new composition you have created. 

Innovative Subway tiles 

A common perception is that subway tiles are too plain and unimaginative but this is often exaggerated and mostly not justified. You can counter the ‘boring subway tiles’ argument by exploring different patterned tiles to create a wonderful wall mosaic for the bathroom. Additionally, you can combine different tile colours into vertical or horizontal stripes to piece together a masterful array of optical components for your subway tiles.

Incorporate Matte Tiles into the Design

Matte tiles are expected to maintain popularity and even increase in prominence as they are fashionable and more subtle than their glossy ceramic alternatives. They adopt a soft and powerful style that strikes the right balance and will not be too overbearing to incorporate them into a bathroom design. 
Whilst a glossy finish is a more dramatic one, they will also show up every little mark and stain whereas matte has the benefit of easy removal when it comes to water stains. This is why so many people choose matte tiles in larger bathrooms, their longevity and ease of maintenance are appealing to any customer over something that will require a lot more TLC, potentially stain and get permanently damaged such as glossy ceramic tiles.

Make Graphic Patterns your Friend

Nobody in the industry will be able to deny the continual growth in popularity of patterned tiles. The surge in demand for them has been fairly obvious to manufacturers and suppliers alike as they both realise and appreciate the impact a simple geometric pattern can have on a bathroom floor or wall. Whether you opt for a bold contrast in colour that will brightly transform the look of the room or go for a more subtle shade for a delicate finish, it will be elegant and classy with a well-chosen pattern.
Expect to see many bold prints and colours this year in both porcelain and ceramic tiles. The patterns available on both will sustain the recent trend and maintain the significance of patterned and graphic tiles for the foreseeable future. With this in mind, get creative and use your imagination from the large amount of patterns available to you to conjure the perfect style for your new bathroom. 

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