The recipe for major renovation success

Director of Refresh Renovations Franklin and Manukau, shares the secret ingredients required for a successful renovation project and tips on how to keep unexpected costs minimised.

Just like an award winning dish served at a top restaurant, renovation success comes from getting the basic ingredients sorted right at the start, and ensuring you’ve got the best people on your team.
Never is this more important than when you’re embarking on a major renovation where you hope to transform your current home, into your dream home. For major renovations, you’ll be making a significant investment and you’ll want to ensure the end result is stunning.
Award winning dishes are created by specialists in their field, who are at the top of their game. The same applies to renovations, and Refresh Renovations has mastered the renovations recipe to perfection!
Let’s take a look at some of the key steps we use for successful renovations:
successful renovation infograph
Conceptual Drawings – So many renovations come unstuck, or have dreaded budget blowouts, because this piece of the pie is missing. This step comes before we move to formal working drawings, which are a time intensive and expensive element of your renovation. It’s not enough to simply chat about your ideas and then get stuck straight into formal working drawings. We’ve heard of so many people going around and around the working drawings roundabout, sinking thousands into rewrites that could have been avoided. So, we take you through a conceptual drawings process where we’ll identify your pain points, how to solve those, gain clarity on your “must haves”, and identify the little details that will make your home life easier. We document these in conceptual drawings to ensure we’re all on the same page, before you invest in the next step.
Feasibility – So now that we’re all clear on what you want and need in your renovation, we can start looking at the budget side of things. Our feasibility process will provide an overview of what the base build budget would look like. This is critical as it gives you the opportunity to decide if we need to increase, or reduce, the scope of the renovation based on the budget you have available. Getting this ingredient right at this early stage sets the whole project up for success!
Getting the mix just right – Who do you need on your team? We’ve got the answers. We have access to an amazing, highly skilled, and reliable group of tradespeople – a strong team we’ve built up over many years. We know them and they know us. We know how they operate, what they need to do their part of the process well, and we know when they are needed in your renovations recipe. No guesswork or stress on your part – we’ve got it all under control.
Project Management – Builders, architects, plumbers, electricians, tilers, glaziers… the list of tradies required in a major renovation goes on! Like a finely tuned restaurant team serving up award winning dishes, making sure the right tradesperson, is in the right place, doing the right thing, at exactly the right time, is imperative for a smooth and efficient renovation. And that’s not to mention lining up all of the ingredients at exactly the right time so those tradespeople have what they need to get on and do what they do – building supplies, bathroom ware, kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures, concrete, windows, tiles…

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