Small Kitchen Ideas For Maximising Space

Let Refresh guide you through your small kitchen remodelling with our handy small kitchen ideas!

small kitchen ideas

Optimizing space in smaller rooms is essential for improving our quality of life and ensuring that our houses fit our busy lifestyles. We would all like some extra room and more often than not, we aren’t utilizing our existing space properly in the first place. The kitchen is a prime example of the mismanagement of space or poorly designed appliance layouts which restrict opportunities and ideas alike. With that in mind, we have come up with some ideas that will suit tight spaces or will be practical in smaller kitchens to maximise space; 

Creative Cookware Storage

If you can incorporate pan storage into the design of your cupboard spaces then it will solve a lot of headaches. Pots, pans and other cooking utensils often take up a lot of room with their awkward, bulky and sometimes unusual shapes and sizes. Designating space for these items doesn’t mean you lose functionality in your kitchen, it just means you are well prepared in an area a lot of people initially neglect and end up regretting it.
The space can still be fashionable and discreet but don’t worry too much about making it too subtle an area because these are frequently used items you need access to each day so they will be out more than they are in the designated storage area. Dividers are always a good option inside these smart drawers to further enhance the provision.

Vertical Lines

Stripes can make a room feel bigger than it is and also can fix a gaze or people’s attention on the walls. This way if there happens to be a bit of clutter around the place, guests are less likely to notice. Stripes in a kitchen offer a neat feature that can protect your walls from spills and splashes whilst cleaning or cooking for example. The bonus here is the depth in choice. The comprehensive range of colours and patterns available to you is staggering.

Panelled Kitchen Designs

You can create a vertical feature in your kitchen by embracing decorative panels. The panels are extremely versatile and you can use them in many ways to good effect. This is a small kitchen trick where you draw eyes upwards and fix the attention on the ceiling giving off an airy and open effect once the edges have been spanned on the design.

Handle Free Kitchens

Cabinet accessories are clutter and hoarding magnets. It is streamlined and efficient to get rid of them where possible and make the most of modern design. You can include push-operated appliances and storage provisions which will make everything a lot slicker and add a trendy touch to your kitchen which will be the envy of your mates.

Modernise Traditional Tones and Textures

There is a reason many interior decorators prefer a matt finish on their respective projects. Not only are they stylish and pristine for the client (Just as they could be for you) but the low maintenance material is less hassle and more durable than its competition. You can bring traditionally chosen kitchen colours into the modern world with a matt or super-matt finish in a devastatingly flash and on-trend white to produce a striking adaptation in your new kitchen.

Be a Pebble Rebel

Even better When paired with glossy fronts, such as Gloss Pebble shades an ivory or cream hue can share and enhance natural light around the kitchen like no other. Growing in prominence and with ever-increasing popularity, stone designs are huge at the moment in particular the subtle pebble tone feature.

Mix Up Your Neutrals 

Don’t always go for clinical white. Yes, it is impactful and goes with everything but sometimes it can be too much. A touch of grey or creme can make a huge difference to your neutral bases in the kitchen plus white will get dirty and stain far too easily to be a truly sustainable option in one of the busiest rooms in the house. Mix them up and experiment with some of the more versatile shades at your disposal rather than playing it safe over and over with traditional plain white.

Half Height Kitchen Designs

These wall cupboards will provide extra room for storing essentials. A half-height hero can often prevent shadows from being cast across the surface below. Choosing these little touches to add a safe and functional element to your kitchen whilst making the area brighter at the same time. By taking up half the space of a standard wall unit, you have extra room for the day-to-day essentials all nicely kept in your neat and tidy new wall cupboard which is half the size of the original. Preventing a small kitchen from cluttering up and congesting by halving the unit size is a cheap and sensible option to select.

Take Heed Of A Trick Or Two

Similar to two-tone cabinetry, a small kitchen hack for you to utilize is to spread out long banks of cupboards and insert glazed units in between them or instead of them. Coordination is key here so pay attention to the detail of your colours and styles. The final decision of black or white, frosted or clear will have a huge bearing on the overall success of your kitchen project and indeed, the satisfaction of the final result. 

Clutter Free Kitchens

In one swift move, you can remove a bulky, noisy and sometimes ugly everyday kitchen appliance and not sacrifice anything that it brought to you in terms of convenience or product. How? Get rid of your kettle. Why? You don’t need it anymore. By installing a 4-in-1 tap you streamline everything and house all your boiling water requirements in the same place. Your revolutionary new tap is easy to use, convenient and above all else, a huge space saver! What are you waiting for?


A geometric pattern can become a centerpiece, the main focal point in a design, and the ultimate distraction tool if used correctly. Why not include a distinctive look to the largest surface in your kitchen and ensure that eyes wander and become transfixed on the tantalizing patterns you choose for the walls in the hub of the home.

Kitchen Lighting Design

Light up your kitchen and light up your life by taking aim at the dark and shadowy areas of the room. By focusing on these tricky and often disregarded aspects of the kitchen, you can significantly enhance aesthetics in the room and make the most of all your wonderful tailored decor and accessory features. Show them off and don’t hide them away, draw attention to them with natural, reflected, or manufactured light. Whatever suits your home best will transform your kitchen with a new lighting combination to see your fresh kitchen shine.

The Corner Problem

Corners can be awkward, they are often unsightly and not practical for much. Time to change that mindset. In a small kitchen, they can be a super space saver. Adopt a carousel device to swing into action from the angled corners of your kitchen. It is an easy and effortless way of keeping them neat, tidy, and clean all year round. It won’t be off-putting to look at or difficult to install but will have a huge impact on your kitchen. 

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