The Ultimate Cosy Living Room

10 top tips to create the ultimate cosy living room space

A cosy living room with rug, candles, rug and a homely feel.

It’s never too early to think about getting cosy living room ready. While the sun might be shining outside, the weather and seasons change quickly and it won’t be long until you are curling up on a cosy sofa in front of the TV or with a good book to read.
Refresh Renovations have pulled together their top tips to help you create the ultimate in cosy living room comfort, just in time for the cooler autumn and winter months. From soft furnishings and low lighting to warmth, let us inspire you to create a cosy living room space that is more inviting.
A living room with snow outside

Keeping the heat in

Insulation in the winter months is crucial. The main culprit for any loss of heat is the windows, if they are ill-fitting or draughty, it might be worth considering replacing them. Double or triple-glazed windows will help retain the heat while keeping any draught and condensation at bay.
Radiators with individual thermostats can be useful in rooms too. You can adjust each room's temperature when needed to minimise your heating costs.

Bold colour palette

An effective way to give the impression of warmth is to use rich, deep, dark colours. Dark charcoal and navy both look fantastic on the walls, they work well together especially when combined with soft furnishings in contrasting colours such as berry or mustard yellow. 
Adding burnt orange shades, deep reds or mustard yellows and other earthy tones reflects the changing seasons and are a great quick fix to freshen up your space. To really lift colours, a mixture of creative layers, patterns and textures will bring them to life.

A little bit of shimmer and sparkle

You can introduce a bit of sparkle to most colour themes. Small highlights such as scatter cushions, candle holders or picture frames will all add interest. Copper, brass and rose gold shades work especially well with navy and grey walls. Take the opulence one step further by opting for curtains or wallpaper with a metallic element. Using metallics on the inside of a lampshade will cast a warm glow over the surroundings.
A dim lit living room

A cosy glow

Every cosy living room should be kept well lit, especially with fewer daylight hours during the winter months. Achieve soft background lighting through ceiling fixtures that are dimmable. Low light from table lamps by the sofa are perfect for reading and by using warm LED light bulbs you can add warmth and comfort to your room. The more yellow the light, the more cosier it will feel. When settling down for the evening, garish overhead lights can feel too bright and cold.
Try this top tip from our Refresh Renovation specialist Bryony Edwards 'To achieve the ultimate feeling of cosy – the point at which our bodies relax – it’s best to sit in a pocket of light. A dimmable floor lamp is perfect to achieve this, as it casts a warm puddle of light in a specific area of your living space.’
To create a sense of balance throughout the room, wall lights can also create soft light that doesn’t dominate. Try leaving them on a circuit of their own so they can be used as the sole source of light.
Mood lighting is also key to creating a snug and cosy environment at home. A fireplace (if you have one) can be your primary light source for cold evenings,  woodburning stoves will add a warm glow or candlelight is another great way to  create a cosy atmosphere. Carefully positioned mirrors and reflective surfaces will enhance the effect.

Home fragrances

Home fragrance is a great way to introduce the new season into your living room. A scent that matches the season and the decor of your room will really add to the ambience. Candles of rich and warm scents combining bergamot, pumpkin spice and amber to match the autumn landscape will sit well in an open fireplace.

Transform your room with a rug

A rug has the ability to create a design statement, soften a wood floor, or even freshen up a lived-in carpet. It’s a brilliant starting point to transform your home in time for winter. Exposed floorboards can be particularily draughty, especially in older properties, so covering with a room-sized rug can instantly deal with the problem.
A rug over hard flooring creates warmth and texture to transform your cosy living room and enhance its visual appeal. Keep it neutral with a plain colour or a light pattern or change the entire ambience by picking a bright coloured abstract rug.  And as nothing screams cosy more than a faux fur rug, opt for a chunky knit or faux fur style.

Layer, layer, layer

There's nothing quite as inviting on a chilly winter evening as soft, warm textures to sink into and snuggle up in. Layering and accessorising with extra throws and cushions is a must for your living room.
A mix of throws and cushions in chunky knit, faux-fur and felted fabrics is the ultimate in cosiness or add in wool and silk for a fabulously indulgent and luxurious effect. Autumn shades of orange, red and caramel are great tones for this time of the year that will transform your sofa and indeed the whole room.

Bringing the outdoors in

Nature indoors is a great way to enhance the cosiness of your home. Pile pinecones in a vase to add a connection to the outdoors or by placing fire logs near the fireplace, surrounded by candles in lanterns will make you feel warm and snug as the seasons change.

Choose the right blinds

The right window dressing is very important during the autumn and winter months. Blackout blinds can be a great way to insulate the home, thick fabrics help to keep the heat in during the winter but keep it out during the summer. 
Wooden Venetians and shutters are often thicker and essentially act as a barrier between your windows and the room. They are particularly good at retaining heat, as wood possesses insulative properties naturally.

Update curtains

Rather than altering the whole scheme, a quick fix option is to replace lightweight summer curtains with heavyweight drapes for winter. Another solution can be to add linings such as thermal fleece to lightweight curtains for when the seasons change. 
On dark and rainy nights, close your curtains to make your living room warmer and cosier. Choose warmer colours such as reds and oranges for the ultimate warm ambience.

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