Top 10 Renovation Trends To Bring Your Property Into 2023

What are the best ways to modernise your home in 2023?

Each year always brings something special and new, whether it’s a color that is all the rage, or a must-have piece of furniture, you can guarantee that a new year will turn the previous year’s designs on their head and create something wonderful. 

In general, trends are moving away from clean lines and minimalism to softer edges and comfort as we spend more time in our homes during these times. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 property renovation trends for 2023.

1. WFH Style Trends

WFH has exploded in the past two years, bringing with it a certain kind of mish-mash of style between home and work that is not quite the same as having a home office. Think comfort blended with functionality. With this comes wall paintings and shelving units that are not only aesthetically pleasing for the family, but also form an excellent backdrop for those many Zoom calls with your colleagues too. 

2. A Place To Escape

When it all gets too much, having somewhere calming to escape to in order to shut out the world and its problems is essential. Sometimes we just need a place to unwind, so whether it’s a library-style space where you can lose yourself in a good book or a plush space where you can simply chill out and listen to your favourite tracks, an ‘escape room’ is a novel idea to combat whatever 2023 is bringing us. 

3. Arches Are Back

So many designs in the past few decades have focused on clean straight lines to form a visually pleasing look, however, softer curves are back in 2023. You can change the shape of your doors to create this architectural look or knock through to another room with a huge arch connecting the spaces. If you’re not ready to get the sledgehammer out, then there are lots of mirrors and artwork in this shape that will create the same effect. 

4. Comfy Corners

Having said goodbye to those sharp lines which have dominated in previous years, in comes corners that have rounded edges. This can be anything from the living room furniture with soft and plush edges to rounded coffee tables. You can even bring this effect to built-in parts of your home such as fireplaces which have traditionally been square but now would benefit from a sloped edge to incorporate a gentler outline.  

5. Maximalism

Where clinical minimalism has dominated in previous years, 2023 is set to be the year where maximalism makes a return. Don’t be afraid to accessorise your space with some choice pieces which in years gone by would amount to the clutter in a minimalist space. Think gold and brass styles of bold hardware combined with luxurious fabrics in deeper, more comforting colors. You can even bring back busy wallpapers with patterns to enhance this maximalist look. 

6. Nature Bedrooms

Bedrooms have always been a place where we can relax and retreat from the outside world, but 2023 sees that the outside world is brought in with biophilic designs being a top choice. Nature will take over our sleeping spaces this coming year, and whether it’s the actual color of verdant greenery in the room through paint and artwork, large bushy plants, or small and sweet succulents, there’s nothing more relaxing and peaceful than the raw naturalness of plant life. 

7. Old Is The New New

In keeping with the newest trends of incorporating the very old with the very new, old items such as tiles and antiques are becoming a firm favourite in rooms like the living room and kitchen. It might be that you want to place an old clock as a centerpiece on your wall or choose to renovate your fireplace with a set of old tiles that were destined for the bin, but incorporating small aspects of times gone by is right on trend in 2023. 

8. Decorate Organically

Where whites, blacks, and grays have dominated in recent years, 2023 sees the return of natural and earthy tones such as creams, browns, and beiges complementing each other for a soft balance on the eye. Back this up with natural materials like cotton and wool, and you’ll have a home that invites you in. It may also be a good idea to incorporate other materials you wouldn’t normally consider, including ceramics and stone. 

9. Functional Laundry Rooms

In years gone by, laundry and utility rooms haven’t received a lot of attention when it comes to being more than just a space you use for a couple of minutes each day. In 2023, a laundry room is a must-have, and you can go all out with custom-designed recessed lighting options and lots more cupboard space as well as surface area for sorting. Keep things natural and neutral and you won’t go wrong!

10. Wall Lighting Makes A Return

In previous years, secondary lighting came in the form of floor and table lamps, and while those are an excellent addition, why not consider wall lighting in the form of sconces? They are relatively easy to install and you have a huge variety of styles to choose from. Wood, ceramics, terracotta, and polished metals are all top choices and be sure to install a dinner switch to give you the ability to create exactly the mood you want. 

Want to learn more?

If you’ve been considering giving a new look and feel to your home in 2023, then follow some of our awesome style tips above for your renovation. If you feel like you need that extra professional touch to your home, then contact the team here at Refresh Renovations and we can give you the lowdown on 2023 renovations and give you a superior level of service when it comes to implementing design choices.

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