Top Transformation Tips: How a house extension can transform your home

Whether you need more space at home for work or play, our Christchruch Renovation Consultants can help transform your home with a house extension.

Exterior of the house with deck

Why do you want to extend your Christchurch home?

Top tip number one is to ask yourself this question: why do you want to add an extension to your home? Do you want to create a home office? Somewhere onsite that clients can visit you? Do you want to set up a home business? Or perhaps your family is growing and more space is needed to house young children, teenagers, or elderly parents.

Now ask yourself, why do you need to extend your home? Renovations and extensions come at a cost, but by having well thought out house extension plans and an experienced project manager at the helm, you can extend your home to suit your lifestyle and your budget.  

Open plan kitchen with blue splashback

Different types of house extensions suitable for Christchurch

The reason(s) for extension plans will guide you as to which area(s) of your home you renovate. Some of the most popular areas of our homes that get extended include:

Kitchen extension

By extending your kitchen, you can often achieve greater flow between the kitchen, dining, and living areas, as well as outside. And, given the kitchen is one of the most highly used spaces in the home, having as much room as possible, can make for more enjoyable meal times! In this article, we look at how much a kitchen extension costs in New Zealand.

Bedroom extension

Extending a bedroom can enable you to add an extra bathroom in your home, or allow for other rooms in the house to be used as a small office or hobby room. Bedroom extensions can also create a small sanctuary, particularly if you include doors out onto a private deck! In this article, we discuss how you can extend your bedroom and ensuite with different renovation budgets.

Garage extension

Often an underutilised space, a garage extension can be the ideal way to transform your home by adding a guest suite, rumpus room, second lounge, or home studio. Our Christchurch house extension builders can take a space full of tools and toys and turn it into a liveable part of your home that adds value as much as it does space for you to enjoy.

Adding a second storey 

If you’re considering a house extension, don’t rule out the option of building up. Adding a second storey to your home, or converting a loft or attic into a bedroom or home office, is a viable solution when space is at a premium. Permits will be required by that’s something our Renovation Consultants manage for you as part of our renovation process. Find out how much it costs to build up!

Extending your open-plan lounge

If your open-plan lounge offers natural flow around the home, why not consider extending out further to incorporate a deck and creating beautiful indoor-outdoor flow? Bifold doors that mean you can step out onto the deck, and a pergola or louvre roof which means you can step out under cover, can transform your home and add value too!

Top tip number two: If you want to build an extension but don’t know where to start, a house extension planner can help you with ideas for utilising your space.

Living room with staircase and golden retriever

House extension costs

How much a house extension costs will depend on the size and scale of your extension, but there are always factors that contribute to any house extension cost. From the extent of foundations required to expand your home to the council consent you require, it pays to take the time to get a full understanding of what can make or break your home extension budget!

These articles are a handy starting point for understanding the costs associated with transforming different areas of your home:

Top tip number three: Don’t forget… while a house extension will cost you, transforming your home to add more space can help to increase the value of your property. Just be sure you don’t over capitalise on the outlay.

Weatherboard home exterior

Where do you start with a house extension in Christchurch?

By talking with our team! Here in Christchurch, our Renovation Consultants can guide you through the process of transforming your home. From the initial design of your extension to securing council consent, building and constructing, to adding the finishing touches, discover how our team can help you transform your home with a house extension. Get in touch for a free consultation. 

Our team can talk you through the house extension process today!

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