A bright and beautiful bathroom in Beaconsfield, Melbourne

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From floor to ceiling, the new bathroom has transformed into a proper urban retreat.

From floor to ceiling, the new bathroom has transformed into a proper urban retreat.

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“The workmanship is top quality and the whole process was stress-free,” says Peter, the homeowner, commenting on the renovation’s exceptional outcome.


A New Project: The Bathroom

This is not the first renovation that homeowners Peter and Belinda have undertaken with Renovation Specialist Leigh McDonald. For them, the process began with a complete kitchen renovation. This initial project transformed the area with stunning results that carry a timeless colour scheme. 
Left to enjoy their renewed kitchen, the homeowners stepped back and considered where else might need renovating - and the main bathroom was the obvious choice. Untouched since its build in 2002, the bathroom held its original interior. The fixtures were dated, the flooring was worn, there had been no waterproofing, and they could smell mould indicating water damage. Nevertheless, there was plenty of potential for transformation. 
Thus, the main bathroom became Peter and Belinda’s new focus. Set out to modernise the interior, they reached out to Leigh yet again to manage the renovation from design to build. 

Establishing the Contemporary Design

The homeowners’ two kids were growing up. So they wanted to invest in creating a stylish space with high-end fixtures and fittings. 
The vision in mind: a bright and spacious contemporary interior. In the early planning stages, Leigh helped Peter and Belinda explore the best concepts that would establish their ideas while meeting their budget.
As the homeowners went through the concept creation process, they decided to spend more on tiling, fixtures, and fittings. These material choices were based on quality and aesthetic. Because, ultimately, they wanted the renovated bathroom to stand the test of time, both stylistically and in terms of wear. 
In total, the renovation came to the price of $32,750. The results of which are fantastic.

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The Renovated Bathroom

From floor to ceiling, the new bathroom has transformed into a proper urban retreat. But while the fixtures are notably lavish, the product choices and placement has been perfectly planned to keep the atmosphere feeling down to earth. 
Featuring a freestanding bath, walk-in shower, and floating vanity with timber panelling, the bathroom is now filled with sleek, modern amenities. Renovation Specialist Leigh particularly loves the brushed gold fittings that work beautifully with the grey tiles. “One wall has tiles laid vertically in the shower, and once the shower screen went in, it looked fantastic,” says Leigh.
It was a complete renovation that involved plumbing, electrical work, and waterproofing. Leigh and his renovation team were highly professional during the construction process and utilised their well-established skills to put care into each detail.
The homeowners shared their thrill with the results, saying, “Leigh was able to make our vision a reality and assisted us in making a functional, practical and aesthetically beautiful space that is filled with natural light and modern fixtures.”

The Project Timeline

The project ran according to the 30-day schedule. However, this timeline proved challenging as the renovation needed completing before the end of December, and there were several Christmas-time delays with suppliers. 
But through careful project management, Leigh finished the renovation to the timeline. As a result, the renovated bathroom was ready for the family one week before Christmas - just in time to enjoy the final moments leading up to the holiday.

Exceptional Results

“The workmanship is top quality and the whole process was stress-free,” say the proud homeowners. The renovation has indeed delivered an exceptional outcome that reflects Peter and Belinda’s contemporary vision. 
Further to the stylish interior, the homeowners were thankful for the professional experience provided by Leigh and his renovation team. In a final comment, they mentioned, “All the trades were very respectful of our space and keeping the area safe and clean. We are delighted with the end product and look forward to using Refresh South East again for project number 3.”

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This project was completed in
June 2021
Project description
A bathroom renovation
Project duration
30 days
Cost estimate
Actual cost
Christmas-time supplier delays.
Interesting aspects
Contemporary design and black fittings
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