A combined bathroom, toilet and laundry in Palmerston North

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A combined bathroom, toilet and laundry in Palmerston North

This updated Palmerston North bathroom incorporates modern luxury with lifestyle practicality.

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After removing the walls between his bathroom, toilet and laundry, Palmerston North homeowner Chris Steele contacted Refresh Renovations for some design and build assistance. He wanted to improve the layout of his bathroom and Refresh’s design and build process provided a straightforward solution.

New laundry and bathroom design

“The brief was to turn the three rooms into one”, explains Refresh’s Manawatu renovation specialist Wayne Gordon. “He wanted to include his laundry in the bathroom so he could increase the overall size, as he felt the original laundry was wasted space.”
Wayne and his team worked with Chris to develop a design which would be both luxurious and practical. A cavity sliding door was included, providing the option of separating the bathroom and laundry. The original toilet room was combined into the new bathroom layout, providing more space for a generous customised walk-in shower and freestanding bathtub. From there, Chris signed-off on the design and construction began under Wayne’s management.
“We used the space where the original alcove shower was located and turned this into a laundry cupboard”, tells Wayne. “The laundry design incorporated excellent cabinetry finishes to be practical and attractive in what is classed as a high moisture area.” 

Bathroom renovation

After the flooring and shower area were tiled using elegant 500mm x 500mm grey slate tiles from The Tile Depot, Refresh was able to measure the shower screen and matte black shower track. From there, it took two weeks for the glass shower screen to be custom made and installed.

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“During the time the shower screen was being made, we completed the remainder of the bathroom and waited a few additional days before we could complete the fit-off of the glass screen”, tells Wayne. “We completed the bathroom on-time with all of the fixtures available for use.”
Upon seeing the updated fixtures in his new bathroom, Chris was inspired to ask Wayne to also update the fixtures in his ensuite.

Final thoughts

“They were easy to deal with, organised everything (and) genuinely cared about getting a great result”, says Chris of his updated home.  
“The large tiles are a great feature, especially against the black fittings and dark oak vanity”, notes Wayne. “The 1840mm x 1000mm custom shower is impressively spacious - the recessed shelf and floor-to-ceiling glass panels really make a great visual impression. The space that was achieved in combining the rooms allowed for a very spacious and luxurious bathroom. We congratulate our client for being bold enough to make the call, and our designer, Lauren Gale, for working through the proposed layout and fittings to achieve the desired effect. We just love the shower and the black fittings chosen! A close second would be the freestanding bath. These features really give this bathroom a luxurious and elegant look and feel.”
In a 5-star review on google, Chris concludes: 
“It looks fantastic. No issues.”

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This project was completed in
June 2020
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Project description
Bathroom, toilet and laundry renovation
New Zealand
Chris Steele
Project duration
4 weeks
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Interesting aspects
The homeowner's 'must-have' was a fully enclosed large walk-in shower in matte black'?"'During the time the shower screen was being made
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